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16 May 2007

Guilty pleasure reality show thread. Ah, another cycle of America's Next Top Model has passed by. Spoiler inside. [More:] I just knew Jaslene would win, but I was rooting for Natasha, who is just really really funny, and I mean funny because she made me laugh, not funny because she's kind of stupid, which is how I feel about every other contestant on this show. (My sister and I call this show, "Which Ho Is the Next To Go?") So, what's YOUR pet reality show?
Jaslene is just not attractive. And her voice drives me insane. I AM DISPLEASED WITH THIS RESULT!!

And Tyra needs a new wig. That one makes her look like a crazy old lady.
posted by jrossi4r 16 May | 20:45
I, too, am displeased! The spoiler board on TWOP was saying it was Jaslene, but I didn't want to believe. I felt like the show was edited to make Natasha and even Renee way more likeable. Bah.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 May | 20:47
I agree with everyone. Mostly about Tyra. INSANE WOMAN!

I also loved the random anti-immigrant vibe they tried to insert at the end there. WTF?
posted by occhiblu 17 May | 13:32
My pet reality TV show? The only one I've stuck with for more than one season has been Project Runway. I used to sometimes watch My Super Sweet 16 when I was surfing MTV, because I like shows that make me want to throw stuff at the TV. Problem is, we only ever turn on the TV if there is something we want to watch, or to program movie recording, so I don't randomly come across *awesome* stuff. Like the nanny shows. I kind of like those.
posted by gaspode 17 May | 13:42
I like that one with the bachelor dude who's in the Navy and has to date all these women simultaneously. The early rounds look like a gas, but the price he pays is breaking a few hearts at the end, which obviously makes him feel like a real dick. He's a Seal team doctor or something. What if his unit is deployed to Iraq? What a crappy prize!
posted by Hugh Janus 17 May | 13:54
Absolutely ridiculous. Although Natasha still makes me feel bad for the guy who was assigned by Mother Russia to smack her in the face with a rusty, dented shovel every morning for the past twenty years to make her face look like that, her eye-of-the-tiger attitude won me over in the end. One thing that ALWAYS drives me crazy about reality shows is that 99% of the contestants make comments in the confessional that the judges are obviously going to see and will obviously destroy any chance of success. Natasha never fell into that trap and instead put on a happy face, even when it was clear she was failing miserably. Smart.

"I just want to say to you that some people have war in their countries."
posted by eamondaly 17 May | 15:15
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