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16 May 2007

How do you smell? [More:]I can't tell if the weird odor permeating my living room is me or the dead fishies in the Long Island Sound. Also, I can't tell if my sense of smell is totally screwed because of my allergies.

How about you?
Deviated septum... I smell with one nostril at a time.
posted by wendell 16 May | 14:01
Due to the high tree pollen count, I can't right now.
posted by moonshine 16 May | 14:12
like cigarettes, peanuts, and stale beer. with an undertone of sweat.
posted by jonmc 16 May | 14:13
Wow, I clicked through to see if you were asking "How do you smell?" or "How do you smell?" and it looks like you're asking, um, both.


So... after a bout of sinusitis, my nose is recovering to normal, thanks very much. So I smell fine.

Kissing my fella goodbye before work, I noticed he smelled slightly different, clean and light but gently fragrant, and I remarked upon it. Turns out he's out of soap, so he used mine. Ah! So I guess I smell pretty fabulous, really. Good to know.
posted by Elsa 16 May | 14:13
My dog has no nose....
posted by Doohickie 16 May | 14:22
I felt Light Blue (by D&G) today so I smell kinda like green apples; when I feel pink, I smell like raspberries (Gucci II) and on the rare occasions that I feel orange, I smell, well, orange-y (Clinique Happy).
posted by phoenixc 16 May | 14:31
Ooh, orangey. Mmmm, in a room full of 20 strangers, I'd stand next to you.
posted by Elsa 16 May | 14:37
Spicy. Old Spicy.
posted by togdon 16 May | 14:45
Like a multi-vitamin. Just can't shake it.
posted by Hellbient 16 May | 15:01
How I smell probably would depend heavily on where you stick your nose.
posted by mischief 16 May | 15:07
Ein schtick!
posted by cortex 16 May | 15:12
phoenixc, I smell orangey today too!
posted by gaspode 16 May | 15:23
My sense of smell is freakishly acute. I'm the kind who can walk into a room and say "I smell banana," when no bananas are visible, only to eventually find that one is concealed in a desk drawer.

But how do I smell? Lately, like the grapefruity Aveda shampoo I started splurging on.companies." Oh. Okayyyy.
posted by Miko 16 May | 15:24
Kinda musty. Thinking "shower" here.
posted by PaxDigita 16 May | 15:26
The sensitivity of my nose varies pretty widely throughout the month. Hormones, what? I have been known to say that all the good smells in the world do not make up for all the gut-wrenchingly awful ones.

Currently I smell like popcorn, windex and Dep hair gel (possibly the most distinctive smell in the universe).
posted by bobobox 16 May | 15:48
Do I stink? No.
posted by stynxno 16 May | 15:59
Right now I smell like a combination of onion, garlic, cumin, oregano, chili peppers and basil. Just a regular day at the office.
posted by deadcowdan 16 May | 16:11
I smell like roses, heena (Indian oil, woody, spicy), and girl sweat. I like it.

My sense of smell is right up there on par with Miko's. (Which, I think, we've talked about before...)
posted by Specklet 16 May | 16:37
I've probably passed the portion of the day where I smell like soaps and oils and whatnot, but I don't think I've gotten to the point where I smell like sweat. Here in the afternoon, I probably don't smell like much of anything.
posted by box 16 May | 16:49
After a day in the sweatbox that is my classroom, a bit like raw chicken, I think.

(great answer, mischief : )
posted by Pips 16 May | 17:58
I smell of fags, washing powder and man. That last one, mainly because I haven't used a deodorant in about 10 years. Although I shower regular so it aint overwhelming or unpleasant.
posted by seanyboy 16 May | 18:12
My nostrils are clear, so it is clear to me that i smell like sex...and lavender Dr. Bronner's...
posted by Schyler523 16 May | 18:44
posted by dg 16 May | 19:16
I smell like vanilla and cigarettes. You'd be amazed what a popular combination that seems to be among the male half of the population.
posted by kellydamnit 17 May | 10:49
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