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15 May 2007

Exceptional grammar flame. [More:]I LOL'd.
I love a good grammar argument, I really do; but in that link, there's no question that somebody needs to get laid.
posted by Miko 15 May | 21:43
Whoa, that makes anything on MeFi look like kindergarten. Just when I think we've corralled all the pedants into one place, I see that a few have broken loose and are out in the world unfettered.

it's highly likely that everyone in that thread needs to get laid, but not with each other. They would be too busy arguing over whether they are using "fuck" as a verb or a noun to actually get around to making the beast with two backs.
posted by dg 15 May | 21:52
Also, let's play spot the error in the flame:

...just for fun, do you realize that making a plethora of grammar errors in a three-sentence post not only make your high horse look more like a jackass but also make you look like a moron?
posted by Miko 15 May | 21:53
Don't worry, dg: the poster in question probably is also a MeFite.

posted by Miko 15 May | 21:54
Ha, I didn't notice that error until you pointed out that there was one! Actually, there are two, but who's counting? ;-)

Oh, all right then, it's the same error twice. Sheesh.
posted by dg 15 May | 22:18
Just for fun, do you know that "No ignorance at all." is a grammatically incorrect sentence fragment?

As opposed to a grammatically correct sentence fragment?

Hence, the solecism in your post can be transformed into a grammatically correct word more befitting the complex and sophisticated mind that gave birth to it by putting a dash between mush and mouthed to create (drum roll, please).... mush-mouthed.

No, no! Don't put no dash! Use hyphen instead!

Just for fun, do you know that it is also grammatically incorrect to use the adjective 'imbecilic' to modify the phrase 'to the point?'

Durr... what? "Imbecilic" doesn't modify the phrase "to the point" (or even "to the idea" as the poster actually said). What we have here is an incorrect preposition.

Just for fun, do you know that it is grammatically incorrect to use a pronoun without an antecedent in the same sentence?

Um, no. "I" is a pronoun. "Everyone" is a pronoun. You're probably thinking of most "definite pronouns" - and anyway, in this case, the antecedent is in the preceding sentence.

Just for fun, do you know that you have a grammatically incorrect comma splice in your second sentence?

As opposed to a grammatically correct comma splice?


In conclusion: Dude, ur plethora of grammah doodoos R teh suxxor. Beam in your eye, dude.
posted by taz 16 May | 02:10
*cries from laughing at that pic*

Gets me every time, that does.
posted by dabitch 16 May | 05:47
I don't think anyone in that thread understands what "just for fun" means.
posted by JanetLand 16 May | 10:12
I am uptight and picky about grammar

BUT there's nothing to be gained from grammar flames; you don't advance your argument and you wind up convincing complete strangers that you are a basement-dwelling hate wraith.

Who needs to get laid.
posted by jason's_planet 16 May | 22:44
I think I have appendicitis. || a Welcome Back It's Raining Florence Henderson thread