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15 May 2007

Yeah, that little green monster that gets you when you least expect it.

I rarely suffer from it, but the other day I experienced an acute pang.

The cause? LoriFLA's photograph of her big green tomatoes. My tomatoes have been in the ground longer than hers but (because I'm in SF, I suppose) they haven't set a single fruit. They may not set one!

So here's to you, LoriFLA. You are envied!
posted by ikkyu2 15 May | 23:27
I have no crops in the old garden this year. I want to grow lettuce, but we have a bunny living in our yard this year (EEEEEEE!!!!). I wonder if I should just grow the lettuce anyway and let the bunny eat what he wants.

Where is this photo of the tomatoes. I would like to jealous myself into getting the damn garden started.
posted by CitrusFreak12 15 May | 23:40
"I wonder if I should just grow the lettuce anyway and let the bunny eat what he wants."

I vote Yes.
posted by mischief 16 May | 00:04
CitrusFreak12 a recipe.
posted by arse_hat 16 May | 00:16
That's TERRIBLE, arse_hat!!

::bookmarks it all the same::
posted by CitrusFreak12 16 May | 00:25
Not TERRIBLE, Krunchie goodness!
posted by arse_hat 16 May | 00:27
Mmmm, crunchy goodness.
posted by dg 16 May | 00:35
In Florida, everything grows.

Don't envy me too much. The bugs have arrived! I found one gorgeous specimen with a borehole on it's flesh. War has been declared!
posted by LoriFLA 16 May | 06:33
ikkyu2, is it too cold in SF? I wonder why your plants aren't setting fruit. I have six, maybe more, tomato plants this year. It looks like I'm going to have a ton of fruit at the same time. Although, the Rutgers aren't as vigorous, so there will be some spacing.
posted by LoriFLA 16 May | 06:57
I'll show you something to be jealous of! A 2" New England seedling, that's what!

On the other hand, the spinach, chard, tarragon and chives are doing pretty well. The orach is awesome and going nuts this year with our cool sunny spring weather. If you've never tried orach, I recommend it - it's a dark red leaf lettuce, and it's so mineral-y it actually tastes salty, as if it already has dressing. Tastes fabulous in a mix.
posted by Miko 16 May | 08:26
Ikkyu, there's stuff you can buy at nurseries that's supposed to make blooms set. I've never used it -- never believed that it works -- but you might try it.

I still think you should make little mini greenhouses for your tomatoes, though. Just use tomato cages and cover each one in a tent of .5mil plastic sheeting. You can buy a tarp-sized sheet and cut it to size for each cage and plant. It oughta help a bunch, I think, because it'll keep the nighttime temperatures up.
posted by mudpuppie 16 May | 13:05
"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." -- Mark Twain

posted by jason's_planet 16 May | 20:03
It is indeed too cold. Soil temperatures here just broke 60 degrees this week. Pups, the cage idea won't work too well; the ground needs to be kept warm too.

An idea of how I'm going to do this is percolating around in my head. I need to go to the hardware store and see whether I can scare up the ingredients of this contraption for a reasonable price.

At some point, if I've spent more money on these tomatoes than it would have cost to visit the farmer's market and buy 20 bushels of heirloom tomatoes, occhiblu will laugh at me. And that won't do.
posted by ikkyu2 17 May | 02:55
Okay, black plastic on the ground, clear poly tarps over the plants.

Dont feel bad about the investment -- it's all about conquering nature.
posted by mudpuppie 17 May | 02:59
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