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15 May 2007

I just tried to light a cigarette with my iPod remote. and I haven't even started drinking yet. That's still not as bad as the time I came home from a night of carousing and spent several minutes trying to open my bbuilding door with my Metrocard.
Aren't those newest apple ipods supposed to light cigarettes? They do everything else.
posted by JanetLand 15 May | 11:37
Wow...that's strikingly similar/opposite to when I tried to make a phonecall with the barbeque lighter last week. Felt the same in my pocket...
posted by chococat 15 May | 11:59
I once drank my pants.
No, I can't explain.
posted by Hellbient 15 May | 11:59
jon, you need something to occupy your restless mind. This may sound crazy (after all, I'm suggesting it) but the Daytime Emmys is having a contest in which you upload a video about your favorite nominee, and Rachael Ray is nominated for Best Talk Show. Get to work.
posted by wendell 15 May | 12:52
That's nothing! I just took a shit through my dick and pissed out my ass!
posted by Hugh Janus 15 May | 13:19
*lays down newspaper for HJ*
posted by Pips 15 May | 13:23
Hey, look! Rib roast is on sale at C-Town! Looks like it comes with gravy on... oh, that's... never mind.
posted by Hugh Janus 15 May | 13:37
The most out of it I got was when I tried to unlock my kitchen door with my car remote.

Yeah, I live a pretty boring life.
posted by danf 15 May | 14:22
That's nothing! I just took a shit through my dick and pissed out my ass!

Hah, amateur hour. I voted for Hubert Humphrey AND I killed Jesus.
posted by Divine_Wino 15 May | 14:58
Whatever became of Hubert? Has anyone heard a thing?
posted by Hugh Janus 15 May | 15:10
Ever tried to unlock your front door with the remote key for your car? Yeah, I have. Sober.
posted by redvixen 15 May | 15:50
Ever tried to park your car...when you don't even own one!!??
It's very difficult.
posted by Hellbient 15 May | 16:14
Once I tried to strip layers and layers of lead paint using a sad elderly neighbour. So embarrassing.
posted by chococat 15 May | 16:57
Jeez. Someone needed some moisturizer!
posted by mudpuppie 15 May | 18:05
Oncwe I duckr so mucch I couln' typ.............
posted by nola 15 May | 18:30
ipod remote? In case you can't be bothered to reach all the way down to your pocket?
posted by Eideteker 15 May | 21:43
Can you help me figure out what I need in a cellphone? || 5 day weekend.