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15 May 2007

Jellybean Soup Door Handle.
posted by birdherder 15 May | 14:31
Aw man, I read all the way to the end just to read the part where the prof told him he was being an immature prat. :(
posted by mudpuppie 15 May | 14:31
He should have got marks for the sea water question. That was basically correct.
posted by chrismear 15 May | 14:37
There is an elephant in the way.
posted by pieisexactlythree 15 May | 14:42
I really do want to know what the professor was thinking while reading this exam. I have to think that, if the prof had any sense of humor, he/she would have gotten at least a tiny laugh out of it.

'Cos most people wouldn't go to the trouble, you know? They'd just leave all the answers blank. Or not show up. Or, like, try their best and end up writing really stupid answers that are all wrong, wrong, wrong.
posted by brina 15 May | 14:53
He was on a roll for that second half. I was laughing uncontrollably for some it. "Explain the graph" is brilliant. I hope he's a comedian or writer or something now.

"Stuff --> Other Stuff" is my new life motto. I'm considering getting a tattoo of it.

Perhaps on my taint.
posted by Hellbient 15 May | 14:54
There is an elephant in the way.

My favs that i saw in an email lately: ARG!, X, Suck my dick, Entropy & the boss' wife, Duh - Vagina
posted by romakimmy 15 May | 15:29
Meow meow meow meow meow hiss.
posted by Specklet 15 May | 16:05
fork + shoe = spleen
posted by plinth 15 May | 19:51
Most of these have been doing the rounds of our "jokes" distribution list at work lately. I completed a social studies exam like this when I was in high school but, of course, scanners hadn't been invented or something, so I don't have a copy. The teacher insisted I redo the exam, but I managed to avoid him for the rest of the year and he forgot or gave up or something.
posted by dg 15 May | 22:11
hellbient, that is genius.
posted by netbros 16 May | 00:12
ZR's link included this little-known gem from literary history:

With his blue ox, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman traveled across young America and helped the nation grow into the angry powerhouse it is today.
posted by rob511 16 May | 01:36
Can you help me figure out what I need in a laptop? || I killt askme. :-(