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14 May 2007

I can haz chestburster? lolcats + Aliens = lolaliens [More:]
Yeah, I watched Aliens and part of Aliens3 this weekend, but I still need more ideas. I was thinking about the scene where the Queen rips Bishop in half and captioning it (cat-tioning?): "I made you a android but then I eated it." Or maybe one of an attached facehugger saying: "dont bit my harbls, they r asid." Or maybe an adult (queen?) Alien: "im in ur base, impregnatin ur d00dz". Good screenshots are hard to find.

What's great about the Internet is that you can take a meme dedicated to parodying both people who post stupid (cute) cat pictures and people who type with poor grammar online, and then you can parody it. Truly, the internet will eat itself.
posted by Eideteker 14 May | 02:16
You know, I really don't like the whole lolcats meme. But this, this is excellent.

Are there more?
posted by spiderskull 14 May | 02:30
Oh, fun fact! Did you know that Ridley Scott didn't tell the cast what was going to happen in the scene where the alien comes out of his chest? That's why they look so genuinely horrified.

I'd probably just start laughing uncontrollably.
posted by spiderskull 14 May | 02:32
Are there more?

If you can help my fevered imagination. I mainly need good caps of stuff I see in my head. Especially fitting would be images of the dog-spawned Alien from 3. "im a sun of a bich" or something like that.

I'm glad you like. I nearly fell down climbing into the shower as the idea hit me earlier today, because I was laughing with my whole body.
posted by Eideteker 14 May | 02:36
posted by Eideteker 14 May | 02:39
This would be a good place to start

For the final fight sequence... "Owee, Dunt Call Me bitchez"

You need at least one caption involving Jones the Cat. Although that could destroy the universe. Because, ermm, you'd be crossing the memes.

Oh, and some pictures of eggs captioned "m mm mmm mmm-mmm-mmm"
(because they're in eggs you see and you can't here them talk"
posted by seanyboy 14 May | 02:44
Last "Aliens" related idea.
Picture of the electronic motion detector and the caption "We arz abuv yooz" / "We R in Ur Wallz scaring Ur lectronix"
posted by seanyboy 14 May | 02:47
How about the scene in Aliens where the scanner's going nuts and they can't find the aliens but that's because they're above them?!?!!! I would caption that "OMG WALLHAX"
posted by Eideteker 14 May | 02:54
Oh, and if anyone finds a good image of an alien on the ceiling, waiting to drop on some marines? "Ceiling Alien is watching you respirate."
posted by Eideteker 14 May | 03:08
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by taz 14 May | 03:16
So, You doing this for real?
You so need to set up a separate blog for this...
posted by seanyboy 14 May | 11:39
This is truly inspired! Eide, if you need a seperate webplace for your LOLALIENZ, or help setting up a blog, email me.
posted by wendell 14 May | 12:31
Tangentially related, but I can't help but mention it.

So, my older sister has a crippling fear of aliens. She loves the movies but when night falls she starts to get twitchy. We shared a room for years and every night she'd make me open the closet door, walk in, pull the handle of the middle door towards me (I couldn't just look to make sure it was closed; I had to touch it), *back out* (couldn't turn around), close the front door, and turn the lights out. In that order. Every night. For years.

So a few years ago I sent her this.

Not the kid, obviously. That's her daughter. Just the facehugger, in a box, no note, no tag, nothing.

She still talks to me. Not quite sure why.
posted by Fuzzbean 14 May | 13:01
posted by deborah 14 May | 13:59
seanyboy, wendell, if I were to take this to the web, I'd probably just put it on livejournal.

I think I have a friend-crush on Fuzzbean. She is so cool.

Thank you everyone who enjoyed this! I am glad my insanity can entertain. I need a good screencap of an Alien for "Do you want KARATE?"
posted by Eideteker 14 May | 17:08
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