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13 May 2007


The last few episodes felt like the writers had a checklist of most requested viewer moments in from of them, then started generating the script.

1. Locke regains his burliness--check!
2. Mikhail gets the crap kicked out of him--check!
3. Sawyer and Kate become crazed love weasels--check!
4. Ben gets slowly eaten alive by mutant rats...
posted by craniac 13 May | 20:17
Huh, I wouldn't think that any of those events would have been requested by many viewers. Personally, I couldn't care less about Mikhail or Locke, and Kate is annoying the bejeezus out of me lately. I did like the Ben flashbacks last week, though. I love it when they tie things together, like how the dead worker in the VW bus was Ben's dad.
posted by amro 13 May | 20:55
I've missed most of this season so that when I watch now it all seems so random. I didn't like the way Jack's character has developed since he was with the Others though. I mostly watch just to see Sawyer and Sayeed. They're pretty. :)
posted by LunaticFringe 13 May | 21:15
I liked last week's episode right up until the invisible rocking chair ghost-man in the shed. That was seriously stupid. Is it "Jacob?" Is it just Ben? Who cares.
posted by chococat 13 May | 22:32
I thought "Lost" was doomed to suffer the fate of "The X-Files", but "Heroes" came along and started seriously one-upping "Lost" on the "let's answer some damn questions already front". Which is a good thing, as the third season has totally kicked ass after the yawn-fest that was season two.

Kinda reminds me back in the day when Babylon 5 and Deep Space Nine seemed to have a little competition going on as well, both story-wise, and who could make the most kick ass space battles ever.

As to who Jacob is, I don't care. I'm along for the ride. I LOVE the actors that play Ben and Juliet, and as long as Hurley, Rose, and Bernard don't die, I'm happy.

Oh, Sawyer can't die either. Best. Dimpled. Butt. EVARRRRRR!
posted by WolfDaddy 13 May | 23:13
Yeah, the Jacob-Ghost thing was just irritating.
posted by craniac 13 May | 23:31
Jacob's Ladder ???
posted by ericb 14 May | 00:18
I almost forgot about Rose & Bernard, WolfDaddy. So cute! I hope their checklist of most requested viewer moments (or whatever they're using) includes another episode with them.
posted by PY 14 May | 00:51
In addition to Mikhail getting the crap kicked out of him, I think viewers wanted an explanation as to why HE WAS ALIVE!!! Which,thank god,was given.
posted by miles 14 May | 01:15
...I also think I've got the secret of Lost figured out. The island contains a mini-black hole (somehow, probably due to those damned hippie Dharma Initiative folks) and thus everyone's (somehow) stuck on the event horizon. Thus everything is indeterminate, until observed (like Locke's dad). In other words, indeterminate = lost, in a sense. This also explains all the strange and unlikely coincidences. You heard it here first!!! :-P
posted by WolfDaddy 14 May | 10:16
Do they want us to hate Jack? Because they're really not doing much to make me like him. Kate either. And are Rose and Bernard still on the show? I don't think we've seen them all season.

The last episode creeped me out, but mostly because it hit a couple of my big triggers. Ben talking to the empty chair had shades of Psycho and the death of the Dharma folk was very Jonestown.
posted by jrossi4r 14 May | 12:30
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