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12 May 2007

post by: taz at: 19:00 | 7 comments
I think the poster should just let it go. I'm not comfortable with people snooping through family member's papers, unless there's a damn good reason. Whatever the "serious issues" were, eight years ago, they most likely hold no bearing on the poster's life today. Just ask dear old dad, and remember - whatever it was, it's probably now rather trivial. Heck, the "serious issues" could have been no more than normal teenage angst.
posted by redvixen 12 May | 20:00
Appreciate ya asking for my two cents, taz. For what it's worth.
posted by Pips 12 May | 21:06
I didn't find out until 2 years after I graduated that a teacher admitted to starting the rumor going around about me, in front of my mom and the principal. I didn't go back, though the teacher left at the end of the school year in which she started the rumor.

The rumor was that I was arrested for looking in her windows. She lived down the road from me at the time.

Hell if I know what got up her ass... I'd never had a problem with her before. Bitch.
posted by IndigoRain 12 May | 23:48
Thanks, Pips; I suspected that teachers remember much, much more about their students than people are assuming. I remember a hell of a lot about ESL students I taught eight years ago, including specific conversations, particular problems a given student might have had, etc. Teachers usually have an emotional investment in their students, to some degree, and it's not like a whole year of interaction with a student, including musing and caring about their work/behavior/problems is just wiped from one's memory.
posted by taz 13 May | 01:18
I don't think it's a trivial question as some responders in the green have suggested, but then again I grew up in a house full of secrets and lies and nothing ever discussed. If it were me I'd want to contact the teacher.
posted by essexjan 13 May | 02:00
Yeah, I'm sort of surprised that so many people are saying that they would have no curiosity about something like that (and stating it very harshly, too, in many instances). I've noticed that most people are almost always very interested in issues that have to do with their own lives, including evaluations related to school and work. It's sort of difficult to believe that all those people would discover the same cryptic remark about themselves, and be all "oh, yawn."
posted by taz 13 May | 02:36
My pleasure, taz; hope it was helpful. I, too, was dismayed at the harshness of some of the comments. I doubt most of them would ever phrase their responses that way in person. Not that they shouldn't say what they think, but a little tact never hurts.
posted by Pips 13 May | 10:05
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