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11 May 2007

MeCha Time Capsule. [More:]

If we did have our very own time capsule, to be opened in, say, twenty years, what item or items would you put in to represent you?
My Herbivore t-shirt, or a twig
posted by tr33hggr 11 May | 10:19
My contribution:

--a picture of me at four years old (the earliest and only picture I have of myself before age nine)
--the torn black ribbon I wore pinned to my shirt at my father's funeral
--my 45 of "Please, Mr. Please"
--the Carnival Court menu all the MeCha folks signed at Jon and my wedding in Vegas
posted by Pips 11 May | 10:25
--second on Pips' wedding menu
--a gunnysack of hair from Hugh Janus' beard
--the Wino's knit skullie
--a hard drive full of the McNally Collection
--some cilantro
--a six-pack of Bud
posted by jonmc 11 May | 10:28
A black hoodie
A cricket bat
posted by gaspode 11 May | 10:46
A time bomb.
posted by Eideteker 11 May | 10:50
A coffee mug
posted by mischief 11 May | 11:05
The issue of the Iowa Review with my first published work.
Cracked wheat sourdough bread
The Ziggy stardust concert album
posted by brujita 11 May | 11:54
1 cheese horn.
posted by Divine_Wino 11 May | 12:09
ps Jon, you are going to have to use a replica skullie 'cause mine is still less than 50% holes and therefore has several more years of good use in it.
posted by Divine_Wino 11 May | 12:11
Ah, the cheesehorn. Maybe we should pin the phone # of the pasty tech support line to it.


--eideteker's baseball cap
--scody's 'Weller' t-shirt
--one of jrossi4r's offspring (or maybe just a DNA sample)
--a bottle of grappa for matteo
--a copy of The Big Red One for brujita
--two tubs for jason's planet

(yes I could correct that typo andmake it the 'pastry' tech support line, but tech support people are generally pasty. I know of what I speak.)
posted by jonmc 11 May | 12:17
* the pitcher frisbee girl is guzzling
* some feathers from mudpuppie's chickens
* rainbaby's glasses
* dano's patriotic chuck taylors
* one of the giant sunflower heads from mgl's backyard
* that How to Survive in the Woods book from mgl's house
* jonmc's baseball team shirt collection
* wolfdog's connect the dots book
* the MeFi compilation cd
* BP's exquisite sense of humor
posted by chewatadistance 11 May | 13:01
Shoutout Gourd
posted by rainbaby 11 May | 13:07
A whole bunch of LOLs and whuffles and *hugs*. They will be printed out on little slips of paper with little bunnies on the flip-side.
posted by deborah 11 May | 13:33
I was just on the porch getting drunk and it was raining and the randomized iPod played "Have You Ever Seen The Rain." That was cool.

I'd put that moment in the time capsule somehow.
posted by jonmc 11 May | 14:00
I was just on the porch getting drunk

Damn you! :) OMG am so bored and stuck at work with no personal time left . . .
posted by tr33hggr 11 May | 14:11
must haves:

the bra that hangs from TPS's fridge
stynx's studded cap
Big Lebowski DVD
posted by Pips 11 May | 14:27
and a piece of a tr33, for tr33hggr
posted by jonmc 11 May | 14:34
That's sweet buddy. /sniff
posted by tr33hggr 11 May | 14:37
A picture of the Grandbun.
A sausage biscuit.
A Waffle House menu.
A LOLcat.
And something from American Idol.
posted by bunnyfire 11 May | 14:52
Ceiling Cat.
posted by Doohickie 11 May | 16:24
The pink bunny on the hillside. A bit of cilantro in a lead-lined box. A JFJ CD. And two ticket stubs from The Departed.
posted by BoringPostcards 11 May | 17:13
A stuffed fox.
A photo of Specklet's spectacular bosom (which I've heard legends of).
A small lizard for elizard.
A lock of Pip's hair (I envy those curls)
A map of England for essexjan.
A "Little Nemo" book for shane.
posted by redvixen 11 May | 19:16
All the mixsions impossible compilations.
posted by Mitheral 11 May | 19:40
I'd sew a few little stuffed bunnies, and throw in some prickles from Mango and a clove.
posted by youngergirl44 11 May | 20:02
Actually,I'd put in From Here to Eternity---I completely click with Clift's persona (refusing to violate my principles even if I get killed for it). I gave up his house (it needed too much work and I can't sell my place the way it is now)! ):-(
posted by brujita 12 May | 02:04
A finger.
posted by dg 13 May | 18:29
Blatant blowing of one's own trumpet here. || A blue-crowned parrot amongst a flock of cherry-heads...