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11 May 2007

2007 Eurovision Song Contest The finals for the annual Eurovision Song Contest are tomorrow night. Ukranian drag queen Verka Serduchka is the current favorite to win the Eurovision Song Contest.
"The song is by comedian Andriy Danylko, who performs under the alias Verka Serduchka, a lot of makeup, and a cloud of drag-fueled controversy; we're still fans of Serebro, but on grounds of pure absurdity, we're hoping Verka takes the big prize--especially now that Switzerland's homage to vampires and Meat Loaf has been eliminated."*
posted by ericb 11 May | 17:10
Is Wogan still doing the play-by-play?
posted by psho 11 May | 17:33
Wow, that DJ Bobo song is some kind of awful. And oxymoronic. The Serduchka is mindless fun, even though they have ugly shoes. Bad drag queen, bad!
posted by Zack_Replica 11 May | 20:58
"Vampires are alive! Their legends have to survive!"

I think now we finally have the answer to Orson Welles' rhetorical question in The Third Man regarding Switzerland's contribution to western civilization.
posted by scody 11 May | 21:18
Yes, Wogan is doing the UK commentary. The UK entry this year is beyond dire.

It's a pity Switzerland failed to qualify for the final stage. The UK buys its place, otherwise there's no way the dross they're putting forward as an entry this year would have got through on merit.
posted by essexjan 12 May | 00:12
oh my god, Jan, that's quite possibly the worst musical performance I have ever seen, and I am including my own performance in "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" in 5th grade among them. Mind-blowingly, jaw-droppingly bad. I did enjoy the Benny Hill-esque references to oral sex ("would you like something to suck on, sir?") as the kids in the audience wave their "Scooch to Win!" signs, though.
posted by scody 12 May | 00:58
I just watched 1:37 of the Scooch thing. I temporarily lost motor function due to the badness - otherwise I would have bailed earlier. Still, that's 50 seconds longer than I was able to deal with DJ Bobo. Verka Serduchka got shut down after 27 seconds, so I guess they'll win.

posted by bmarkey 12 May | 01:26
Oooh, I'm at a Eurovision fancy dress party - the theme is F. Unfortunately I couldn't just go as me. Dang.
posted by TheDonF 12 May | 07:24
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