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10 May 2007

Philly We just decided to go to Philadelphia for Saturday night (and a Phillies game on Sunday) and I have a question![More:] I've been reading the Philly threads on AskMe, (and other sites) and there are a few recommendations for bars and the like, but do any of you wanna hit me with some more? We've got the day sorted out, it's really just dinner onwards. Thank you, you wonderful peeps!
God, I hate all flash websites, but this place is an orgasm on a plate. It's vegan, but you won't care. There is nothing rabbit foody about this place. They used to be located about 5 minutes from me, so I was pissed that they moved to Philly, but I've been there a couple of times and it's just great.
posted by iconomy 10 May | 10:04
Former Philly worker here. Two places I really miss:

Nodding Head Brewery


Monks has a huge Belgian beer selection, including several on tap, and terrific Belgian fries and mussels.

Nodding Head brews some great beer.

If you want a good dive with cheap beer and lots of Philly character, visit Oscars.
I went there my first night in town and ended up talking with someone who used to play for the old Philadelphia Atoms of the NASL.
posted by Otis 10 May | 10:37
Oh, absolutely, Monk's. They have great chalkboard specials every night and a fantastic atmosphere. Good bar conversation. I miss that place.

I used to get bluefish there. If you've a hankering for some fresh, mercury-laced regional fish, live a little and get it. They do a really great job with it. But I kind of think it might not be in season - it always seems like bluefish is around in summer and not other times.

Another good dive-y neighborhood hangout is Doobie's

I used to like North Star Bar for live shows.

I'm bummed to see that Silk City has apparently closed.

If you want to find a real gem and kick it really, really old-school, go to Ortlieb's Jazzhouse, in the old Ortlieb's brewery in the Northern Liberties. There's always live jazz, it's dark and lamplit and uber-jazzbo-cool, laid-back and unique. I'd highly recommend that, too.

Have fun in Philly! I lived there for a few years and spent many evenings with my butt parked in the bleachers, trying to catch a hot dog launched by the Phanatic's hotdog cannon. You'll have a blast.

Oh, and Pat's Steaks are better than Geno's but Jim's are best of all.
posted by Miko 10 May | 12:14
Monks had good desserts but I honestly don't remember the food; it was probably good, because I don't recall it being bad. Does the waitstaff still dress up like monks?
posted by iconomy 10 May | 12:46
Does the waitstaff still dress up like monks?

No. It's got kind of a laid-back vibe. Not gimmicky or touristy.

(Maybe you're thinking of Belgo?)
posted by Otis 10 May | 12:57
I don't know...I'm pretty sure it was Monks. The last time I was there (in the freaking 80s!) the waitstaff dressed as monks, which made me groan inwardly. It was a tiny, very dark, very woody restaurant with a black awning, and I *think* it was called Monks, and it was populated by monks ;)
posted by iconomy 10 May | 13:09
Nobody dressed like monks when I was going there in 1996-9.
posted by Miko 10 May | 16:05
Two Bars:

Dirty Frank's


Dirty Frank's is the best bar in Philly.

Amiright, Miko? My memories are a little rusty but I think gaspode and the mr. would love it.
posted by jason's_planet 10 May | 18:44
Thank you everyone! We will work hard on our field trip, and I will report back.
posted by gaspode 10 May | 20:30
Touching story (CNN link) || So let's say a deranged movie director contacts you.