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10 May 2007

Good day three point status update As a counter to this. Since things can't be all bad. [More:]

1. I've gotten a ton of compliments on my new shirt. Which is actually this shirt, that I took in, shortened, and redid the sleeves to make them capped and puffed.

2. Going with a group of loud obnoxious female hockey fans to watch the game tonight at a bar owned by one of their fathers. I suspect we will pay for very few drinks.

3. I cleaned out my room and found my favorite pre-accident shoes. Vintage 40s peep-toed open sided pumps with a wide heel and ankle strap. I thought I sold them on ebay, and was sad since I can wear heels again. It made me so happy.
aw crap. can a mod add the "more inside" bit, since I'm a tool and forgot?
posted by kellydamnit 10 May | 14:12
Dear tool, I did the "more inside". Also want to see a pic of the cute shoes.
posted by taz 10 May | 14:20
Since I did the bad, now I'll do the good.

1) In doing my figures I realized I have too many for the poster but am getting enough for a decent paper! Yay!

2) The weather is gorgeous and I can go home now.

3) HOCKEY and TRIVIA tonight...could things possibly get any better?

Oh wait, they could if a cute guy shows up to the GC later so I can hit on him. It would be even nicer if he wasn't a dick, somewhat interesting and related to Bill Gates.
posted by LunaticFringe 10 May | 14:31
1. I got a house! Yes! I have rented a small 1950s ranch house with a fireplace and a dishwasher and a garage and paneling in the den and a big deck and a huge backyard in a nice leafy green neighborhood right near a park and it's only $75 more a month than the house I'm living in right now. I get the keys a week from today and am hoping to move the bulk of my stuff next weekend. Bonus: there's a vaudeville troupe living across the street.

2. Yesterday I got to: 1) go take pictures of huge emeralds and 2) have drinks with my mom & some antique dealing friends of ours, which led to a lot of interesting stories.

3. My mom offered to pay to get a fence installed at the new house! Hurrah! That means I won't have to build it myself which means that the dogs will not be as easily able to get out of it and alienate all my new neighbors.
posted by mygothlaundry 10 May | 14:34
Well done, mgl! When's the housewarming party?
posted by essexjan 10 May | 14:44
1. I had a "career development" meeting over lunch with my big boss and it went really well. He brought to my attention potential growth opportunities within the company that I hadn't considered before so maybe I won't have to look for a new job anytime soon.

2. I'd been procrastinating on something for a meeting with my big boss' boss tomorrow and just when I was about to panic, it occurred to me that I'm almost done! Yay!

3. I signed up for a membership to the ROM today and I'm now really looking forward to indulging the museum nerd in me over the next year and a bit.
posted by phoenixc 10 May | 14:46
1. During our session this morning, my physical therapist surprised me by saying I was all done. He gave me instructions to maintain my exercises at home, and sent me on my way. Yay!

2. I walked home in the sun, smiling.

3. I'm reading Carol J. Clover's Men, Women, and Chainsaws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film. Halfway through, I don't agree with all of her assertions and conclusions, but it's riveting.
posted by Elsa 10 May | 15:07
Yay, mgl!
posted by box 10 May | 15:15
bonus #4
Went outside for a smoke, there was a super-cute sales guy who complimented me on my shirt... and it turns out his friend makes them, and he has a hookup for me on a Miller one. And I got to flirt! Which is so what I needed today.
posted by kellydamnit 10 May | 15:26
1. The painkiller finally kicked in!
2. I finished knitting this really hippie lacey head scarf yesterday that I'm going to wear tonight.
3. Tonight: drinks with friends I rarely see, at my local, where Carbombs are on special on Thursdays.
posted by muddgirl 10 May | 15:44
1. mgl got a house!
2. I got a callback
3. (redacted)
posted by rainbaby 10 May | 15:44
Yay mgl!!!!

1. Took my cat to be fixed, so that's all out of the way.
2. Got to play in my garden and relax in the sun!
3. Short rainstorm, so I didn't have to water everything.
posted by redvixen 10 May | 17:25
1. I think I wowed them at the honor society interview, today. Hopefully, I'll be invited to join.
2. The weather is perfect.

I'm still wating on three...
posted by Luminous Phenomena 10 May | 19:10
Excellent, mgl!
posted by brujita 10 May | 23:26
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