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09 May 2007

Tell me what your yard looks like and what you've planted. [More:]Things I have planted this week. (Images stolen from the internets. )

Roses: Purple Tiger, Disneyland, Wild Blue Yonder, Simply Marvelous, Rainbow Sorbet (all Floribunda - all from J&P.)

Other stuff: phlox, tall phlox, sunflowers, globe thistle, liatris, lavender, balloon flower.

(Actually, the tree rose and peace hybrid were planted last year.)

What are you planting this year?
My yard has a couple of roses in it, including a big fence bush that just bloomed about 200 little pink crinkly flowers. In the morning the wind blows their scent into the bedroom which is very pleasant.

I planted tomatoes and petunias and carrots and radishes and turnips and beets and scarlet runner beans and arugula and garlic chives and marigolds! And some peppers, which are slowly dying. Good lord, I didn't realize I'd planted that much. And also the sage and rosemary and marjoram and lemon thyme. The lavender and lilac and lemon tree and camellia were already there, as were the ephemeral calla lilies.

The tomatoes really don't want to set fruit in this weather. All the early flowers are falling off. That makes me sad.
posted by ikkyu2 09 May | 22:32
The next thing I'm planting will be a little deck planter full of spearmint, sage, basil, and thyme, and probably rosemary. (I would like to get a huge rosemary plant because that's my favorite but there's nowhere to put a huge plant like that inside when it gets cold.)
posted by fluffy battle kitten 09 May | 22:39
I don't have a yard. We do, however, have an undamaged tree on the walk in front of our building. Which is a rarity these days in Buffalo.

I'm thinking of turning my driveway into a garden in big pots. But I don't know if it gets enough sun, being directly between two buildings and all.
posted by kellydamnit 09 May | 22:53
[This is really my mum's stuff, but she's gone for a month so I have to take care of it]
Massive lots of lavender (fernleaf, not English, anyone know what to do with it?) which have pretty much taken over half the front walk, bunch of pansies and other annuals whose species I've forgotten, a random gerbera that sprouted by itself, a birdseye (I think) pepper, and some chamomile that died. Also (stuff that was there already:) the Amaryllis Horde, assorted Asian veggies, teeny overproducing cherry tomatoes that get EMO when dehydrated, massive lot of orchids, two overgrown azaleas, and lots of weeds.

At some point we will have to find the city-mandated minimum of two trees to replace what got knocked down by hurricanes.
posted by casarkos 09 May | 23:12
Our yard's a mess. The previous owners left giant piles of mulch all over, which we've just now cleaned up; now there's a waiting game to see what perennials sprout. Our grass is all piebald from the dog peeing, although it's starting to grow back in. In a couple of days, my father-in-law and I will tear it all up some more to finish a fence. Mess.
posted by cobra! 10 May | 07:17
*hugs cobra! (just for using the word "piebald")*

We don't have a yard, but outside we've planted a ficus, some trailing daisy variety (one yellow and two dark purple) and a bright orange-red geranium in a big, big planter. In pots outside (so far) we have a gardenia, petunias, moss roses, daisies, hibiscus, jasmine, more ficus, mint, and oregano.
posted by taz 10 May | 07:40
Veggies so far: Yukon Gold taters, red onions, yellow onions, Ichiban eggplant, red sweet pepper, 6 tomato varieties, including grape. To be planted in the next week: Derby bush beans, jalapenos, cucumber, zucchini, basil, maybe more sweet or green bell peppers, maybe another variety of hot pepper. Maybe some melon.

Last year we planted lots and lots of perennials, so we don't have to plant many annuals now, except for pots, window boxes, hanging baskets, and as filler once some of the perennials are done. Blooming now are our irises, peony is almost ready to go, tulips are just finishing, and some of the annuals in our boxes and pots (nicotania, petunias, and some others I can't remember - mrs. tr33 does most of the flowers whilst I am in the veggie bed).
posted by tr33hggr 10 May | 07:58
Dwarf marigolds and lantana in the flower bed, herbs and petunias and some other flower whose name escapes me in pots, plus, a PINEAPPLE plant in a pot as well.

(You twist the top part off the pineapple you buy, put it in water, let it sprout some rootage, then plant it. I am told you get another pineapple of it!)
posted by bunnyfire 10 May | 08:14
bunnyfire, that sounds awesome! I wonder if it'd work here?
posted by tr33hggr 10 May | 08:25
This is a view of my house last year. My garden is growing slowly, and will look even better in a couple of years as it fills out.

My rock garden.
≡ Click to see image ≡
My flower garden;
≡ Click to see image ≡

I have carnations that will bloom for the first time this year, some day lillies coming back, and a hibiscus that I thought I lost but just this morning I noticed new growth! I have a type of honeysuckle to draw the hummingbirds, and salvia, a few other plants who's names escape me at the moment. And the morning glory vines I planted last year dropped seeds everywhere, so I have tiny budding plants all over. I really like perennials, but every year I also plant pansies, petunias, and marigolds. I have some violas that came back, and I planted a few more. I'm loving my garden, these days. Oh, and I have a gorgeous butterfly bush, and two lilacs - one is the old fashioned kind, the other is a pygmy Korean lilac. These are all pictures from last year, but it's still pretty much the same.

posted by redvixen 10 May | 11:16
This thread is useless without weretable.
posted by essexjan 10 May | 11:51
OMGWTFEJ - you are so right, and make me laugh so much. *KISS* (also, kisses to weretable, if the lunarly challenged one shows up to school us about the whole vegetable life thing)
posted by taz 10 May | 12:05
Chard, spinach, peas, tomatoes, peppers, beets, cucumbers, lettuce, corn, cilantro, basil, oregano (two types), lavendar, thyme, rosemary, curry, roses, grapes, parsely, chives, all sorts of flowers and bulbs and shrubs and stuff. Will put in eggplant and greenbeans this weekend, probably. I wish I had a current picture of our yard to show how compact everything is, but here's a shot from when we first saw the house--the yard is only 13 feet wide.
posted by mrmoonpie 10 May | 12:24
This one shows part of our garden (it's from my daughter's birthday party two years ago). You can see the tomatoes in raised beds, and our Capitol Hillbillies compost bin, made of salvaged wooden pallets and some chain-link fencing we pulled out.
posted by mrmoonpie 10 May | 12:29
In spite of good intentions, we have yet to plant anything new. We did clean up/prune a lot of stuff that had been let go: hydrangea, roses, clematis, planter boxes, flower beds, etc. Part of the problem is not knowing what I want and where to put it. I think the front flower bed (against the house) is going to be hostas (the back corner of the back yard already is a hosta bed, but I loves me some hostas) which will join the existing hydrangea. The front front flower bed (on the street) has a few live heathers in it and one big dead one. The dead one is coming out, eventually, and being replaced with more varieties of heathers. There are three large planter boxes (one is a window box under the front window, the others are on the back patio) to be filled with annuals and that gets really spendy. I guess what it comes down to is having the mister set me a budget and just do it.

Whoa. Can I ramble or what?
posted by deborah 10 May | 12:44
redvixen - I luuuuv our butterfly bushes, but last year the Japanese beetles ravaged all the blooms. :(
posted by tr33hggr 10 May | 13:01
Roses - Belinda's Dream (3), Carefree Wonder, Stairway to Heavan, Carefree Beauty, and Sunflare. They are all shrub roses, except for Stariway to Heaven, which is a climber.

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and herbs galore. They're all doing well. I will have ripe tomatoes in the next few days. My son started lima beans at school, we will plant them and see how they do.

Impatiens, caladiums, marigolds, a few petunias, geranuims, a very bright fuchsia colored flower that looks like Portulaca grandiflora, coleus, Pentas, blue daze, another blue flower I can't remember the name of, Salvias, Ginger.

And a ton of other landscape plants including pygmy date palms, azalea, ligustrum, holly, plumbago, and others.
posted by LoriFLA 10 May | 13:13

Lori, I've been trying to remember the word "ligustrum" for a week. A week! It's in bloom here, couldn't remember the damn thing's name.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
posted by mudpuppie 10 May | 14:01
Tr33hggr, that sucks about your butterfly bushes. I can't believe how much mine grew in only three years. I need to prune it, but I can never remember when. (Now I know, late winter, early spring).
I forgot to mention my strawberries. I dug up my two year patch when we were putting in a second shed, put them in a big, long flower box, and they're flowering and starting to develop berries. I also planted two tomato plants and an eggplant. The last couple of years I haven't had much luck, so I moved the bed and figured we'd see how it went.
posted by redvixen 10 May | 14:14
Oh, and bamboo! How could I forget the bamboo?!?

We have a seriously ass-holish neighbor, and we want to put up a screen between us and him. We've installed a bamboo reed fence for part of our yard, but we also built big planters for bamboo. They have poured concrete bottoms, at least 4 inches thick, to (we pray) keep the bamboo from spreading.

Last year, we went to a public park where they were trying to eradicate the plant and dug up a lot, but all that grew were little bushy plants. This year, though, we're getting tall shoots that are growing 6 to 8 inches A DAY (I've been measuring), so I think we can call the project a success.
posted by mrmoonpie 10 May | 19:24
Our yard is currently a mixture of bare clay, piles of cut-down tree parts and rocks. Sometimes, before you can create, you have to destroy.

mrmoonpie, there are varieties of bamboo that don't send out runners - we are planning to plant something like 200m of bamboo for privacy and noise damping.
posted by dg 10 May | 21:40
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