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07 May 2007

This is a run-on sentence thread like those times your blood sugar gets low and you get shakey and all jabbery,[More:] so I'm thinking it's time to crack a corona and add a lime even though mrs chewie isn't home yet so it will help me digest the 2 phone calls I got this afternoon to interview me for my bread & butter work while we wait for the prices to be released on a new condo project close to here so we can decided whether to sell & downsize and pay off some mongo bills mrs chewie's here - next!
so, I spent most of the day deleting all the old files off my iPod (especially the wild-ass oldies I got from the archives of The Hound and putting on new ones and I was all psyched to sit on the porch listening to them and drinking beers and reading crime novels and eating mixed nuts which don't have enough cashews for my taste, and I did for awhile but now it's too cold and the Simpsons are on and it's the one where they go on the wife-swapping show and switch wives with the neurotic yuppie family so I have to wait till tommorrow and pips says we can order in tonight and I'm not sure whether to get hoagies or order from the diner, but I'm not sure what I'd get, eggs or a burger or what and I'm gonna have to get more beer tommorow morning and we have more Deadwood DVD's on the way and I ordered my Deadwood Mets shirt which is the coolest damn thing I've ever seen but it hasn't shipped yet but pips is asleep but she told me to wake her up to order food and I'm hungry and I wish we had a dairy queen near here since I could go for a blizzard and I'm fairly sure I've dowloaded all the porn that actually appeals to me off the internet already and I really want more baseball hats but only of either minor league teams from odd cities or teams that no longer exist like the saint louis browns or a vintage orioles jersey with this guys name and number for obvious reasons but I can't afford any of them and I really wish richard price would write a new novel and tommorrows supposed to be warmer so I'll spend all day on the porch yay...
posted by jonmc 07 May | 17:56
I knew jonmc would come through because I think we think the same sometimes and plus he played wiffle ball with me once here and those ball caps are fantastically wonderful wow yeah dairy queen mmmmm chocolate we discovered some new malted milk balls that have chocolate around them instead of the peanut butter ones and I should try to slap a package together for gecko so he can enjoy the yumminess of malted milk balls oh and i forgot to tell you guys about the parakeet that lives in our back yard - mrs chewie named her Hope ans she is aquamarine with a yellow head and thinks she is queen of the whole backyard - not bad for an escaped pet - i bet she is having a total blast zipping all around from tree to tree instead of in a cage and even though we don't have a porch or a balcony we got two cheapo plastic green chairs we put by the window and we listen to the birds winding down while we have beers and wine and I hope tomorrow is a primo porch day jonmc we gotta go cook salmon now!
posted by chewatadistance 07 May | 18:05
and it's 9am and beautiful and I'm porchin' it with some kahlua coffee and my new tunes, Spencer Davis Groups 'Trampoline' at the moment, just segued into 'I'm an Upstart' by the Angelic Upstarts...yes, nice
posted by jonmc 08 May | 07:57
Last time I was really low in blood sugar I was at the museum and I didn't want to be rude so I excused myself from the exhibit and went to the museum cafe but I was shaky and tried not to trip there were four stairs I had to descend. I bought a chicken wrap, Italian soda, and candy bar, but I am not sure if it was the protein, bread, sugar, or chocolate that actually stabilized me but since I was low on blood sugar, of course I don't remember. :(

My job has me sit by myself in an office all day. I just finished writing a document, and I am stir crazy.
posted by halonine 08 May | 16:10
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