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07 May 2007

The Smarter Emergency Kit - do you keep one?[More:]
When I read articles like this, I always get this fear that if I don't go build a survival kit today I'm going to wake up in nuclear winter tomorrow and be totally out of luck. On the other hand, keeping a kit that size would take up a serious amount of space in my already cramped apartment. I don't even keep jumper cables in my car; I forgot them when I got rid of my old one.

So, what do you keep in case of hurricane/tornado/zombie attack? The one thing I didn't even consider before reading that article was the currency; I usually keep less than fifty bucks on me and I never keep cash lying around the home.
This is a great idea backseatpilot. I need to do some of this , right now I don't have so much as a candle at the ready.
posted by nola 07 May | 15:57
I don't waste time with any of that stuff. I just keep Les Stroud in the trunk of my car.
posted by Smart Dalek 07 May | 16:30
I have several of the self charging LED flashlights now. Everytime we needed a flashlight the batteries had always died. We also have the Grundig radio. Great tool.
posted by arse_hat 07 May | 16:38
A case of Jack Daniels, three tubs of kitty litter and a case of Friskies dry and wet cat food are stuff enough for "moi."
posted by ericb 07 May | 17:43
Having had my residence become an official disaster zone during the 9/11 aftermath, I discovered that one of those orange florescent road-worker vests, or even a hard hat and work gloves, allowed one some freedom of movement that was impossible without them.

Definitely a must during a civil disaster. Obvious "civilians" were summarily chased out, but it was days before the official ID checking and gated barriers were in place.
posted by StickyCarpet 07 May | 18:07
I keep a roll of black-on-yellow "CAUTION DO NOT ENTER" tape because, well, I stole it. Might come in handy one day.

Also, someone I know got a ride to the airport years ago from a guy who's from WI (I think.) When they go to get the luggage out of the trunk, there's sleeping bags, flares, water, crackers, etc. Whereever he was from, the idea was that it might be days before you were found if you ran off the road into a snowdrift.

He also kept four six-packs of cheap beer in there for the same reason.
posted by trondant 08 May | 00:07
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