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07 May 2007

I recommend OSX editing/mySQL tools. After a few months struggling with various tools for editing & updating websites from OSX, I've finally found a toolset that agrees with me: [More:]

Editing & Uploading: Coda.
mySQL: Navicat
Local development: MAMP.

The great thing about both Coda and Navicat is you can do all your development locally, and then it's a cinch to synchronise with a non-local machine.

Oh, and despite a lack of "Find in Files" and some editor weirdness, Coda is AWESOME. And also, YMMV.
Got coda the other day, haven't played with it yet - but now that you reccomend it as well, I'll give it a whirl asap. Thanks for sharing. :)
posted by dabitch 07 May | 17:59
Tried Coda, found it wanting. I have a very well-tuned workflow centered around BBEdit, so productivity enhancements that involve reprogramming my motor memory are judged harshly.

I'm also fond of CocoaMySQL (and its fork, CocoaMySQL-SBG) for MySQL management. I don't work with raw data often enough for its eccentricities to be a nuisance (I also don't work with raw data often enough to want to pay for a WYSIWYG interface into it).
posted by ardgedee 07 May | 20:12
Yes MAMP rocks! Was so much easier than xampp even when I installed that on my pc.

Coda definitely looks like it rocks and my friend was showing me the other day how he uses it. It looks great but I just know once I download that demo I'll buy it right afterward and I'm pretty happy with skEdit and transmit combo.

I know I'm just delaying the inevitable though :) Is there some sort of discount if you own transmit already?
posted by freudianslipper 07 May | 23:55
I know what you mean by motor memory.
Most annoying thing so far, cutting and pasting words.

So, I double click a word, press Apple-C, and keeping my finger on the Apple button, I double click the word I want to replace. & BAM - Right into the PHP help files.

CocoaMySQL is a bollocks. I've never managed to get it to work correctly over SSH.

There is a Transmit discount. It's only about 10 dollars, but there is a discount.
posted by seanyboy 08 May | 03:14
Am I wrong in being annoyed || THIS IS A SHOUTING THREAD!!!!