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07 May 2007

How about a new HELLO! de-lurking thread? We have a lot of new folks around with 1 or 2 posts or comments. If you are one of them why not come say hi to the group? Also if you used to be active and have been lurking come in and let us know you're still around.
Hi, I've posted once or twice then gone back to lurking.

Reason: Thick in-jokes and tight-knittedness (nothing mean or unpleasant per se) make me hesitant to be the N00b.
posted by craniac 07 May | 13:41
Hey craniac. It is a tight-knitted place but noobs are always welcome. Join the fun.
posted by arse_hat 07 May | 13:44
Hi, I'm box. I've made a couple thousand comments here, and that fake-noob shtick is deader than Tupac.

Welcome, craniac, and other new folks.
posted by box 07 May | 13:49
I only post when I have a good rant built up. Ranting on craiglist just isn't satifying.
posted by sectorsf 07 May | 14:04
Hi all,

I've posted a bit and just kind of joined in. I'm still trying to learn the in jokes. I do like bunnies. In fact, I used to raise English angoras. My next bunny is probably going to be a Flemish Giant . I love that they weigh 18 pounds and are great with kids. I can't wait to see my 4 year-old walking the rabbit with a harness and a lead!

On the non-bunny front... whenever I get the urge to update my profile, I get writer's block. If there's anything you want to know about me, please feel free to ask.

Anyway, MeCha seems like a fun group and I hope to get better acquainted.

posted by Luminous Phenomena 07 May | 14:10
(I know all the injokes make us seem very clubby, but that's typical internet stuff. we are atypical that for the most part, we're a pretty fucking nice crowd.)

(i think)

(of course what would i know, my main counterpoint is mefi)

(or maybe the infertility blogs. They are fucking vicious)

(anyway: bunnies!)
posted by gaspode 07 May | 14:20
Welcome to all. Don't be shy.

Hey, what are our injokes? I mean, bunnies, pink ones, on hillsides, okay...cute animals are popular...SHOUTING THREADS...Photo Friday...3-Point Status Report...but in a way these are just sort of our little culture, not actually funny jokes. I can't think of too many other obscure references. We seem to have more in-information, if you will, in that if you hang around here long enough you tend to know who has what kind of job, what kind of house, what kind of SO, etc. That just takes some time to get familiar with.

posted by Miko 07 May | 14:29
Hello sectorsf, Luminous Phenomena! Take a look around the wiki. It has user blog pages, birthdays, in-jokes, famous threads, irc info and lots of other stuff.
posted by arse_hat 07 May | 14:42
Hi. I've been something of a casual MeFite since late 2002, but only became aware of this place a relatively short time ago. I've been venturing in here little by little. I'm sure I'll be in up to my neck in no time.
posted by psmealey 07 May | 14:53
Everyone here was a noob once. New blood keeps things interesting. Welcome all!
posted by jrossi4r 07 May | 14:59
Hiya. I am hesitant to participate in MetaChat because I realize that a fine person by the name of box participates quite frequently. In fact, I entered the motorcycle songs thread to suggest PJ Harvey's Motorbike song only to find that box had already.

Partly, I'm here to practice my communication through words on a screen skills which I feel are somewhat lacking. And also, I am slightly less antisocial than I seem to be, and don't really intend to be antisocial at all. kthx embarrassed now.
posted by bobobox 07 May | 15:27
Hi psmealey. Hi bobobox. I don't think anyone will mix you up with box. "words on a screen skills which I feel are somewhat lacking." meh. No pressure here.
posted by arse_hat 07 May | 15:33
I don't think anyone will mix you up with box.

I shouldn't think so but it's kinda like showing up on the first day at a new school wearing the same shirt as another kid in class who's been there for years, awkward. I'll get over myself ;)
posted by bobobox 07 May | 16:20
bobobox - some folks still confuse me with muddpuppie, and I've been here for, um, 1873 comments.

In other words, jump on in, the water's fine!

And to all you other fresh-faced folks, welcome! I recognize some of you already!
posted by muddgirl 07 May | 16:41
I've only posted a few times, and I have no idea why. I rarely post at MeFi. And I rarely comment on others' blogs. Usually I feel I have nothing to add to the topic.

/shuffles feet

And, um, what are "whuffles"?
posted by rhapsodie 07 May | 16:48
Uhh, hello everyone. I used to be around but I keep having to take care of my kids so its very hard for me to get online these days.

I haven't stopped publishing photos of my boys but I've barely been able to be on any of the filters or chats (with the exception of the gaming crack that is Skyrates). You'd think I'd have more time being off work and all. But nope.

Anyway, I try to read posts when I can but don't have time to comment very often anymore. Maybe that'll change when I go to a regular working schedule again.
posted by fenriq 07 May | 16:49
Hello rhapsodie. whuffles

We've missed you fenriq.
posted by arse_hat 07 May | 16:53
posted by getoffmylawn 07 May | 17:31
I'm not de-lurking. That would seem to imply that I had been reading this site for some time without commenting. I just comment whenever I'm here and feel like it, which up until last night was apparently 4 times. But hello anyway! This was even easier than the time I visited my friend's church for the MLK Jr. day service and had to stand up in front of everyone to introduce myself along with the other newcomers. They all had church affiliations to identify themselves by. All I could say was...

My name is PY, and I'm glad to be here today.
posted by PY 07 May | 17:43
Bobobox, I think I'd be more likely to confuse you with chococat, but that's probably due to my personal brain weirdness and not something you need to worry about unduly.

Hello to everyone! Welcome! And Luminous Phenomena, those Flemish giant photos are entirely too cute.
posted by occhiblu 07 May | 18:05
Hi everyone! Thanks for the welcome.

I like these threads ... my post count just rose 33%. I'm feeling more seasoned already.
posted by hoppytoad 07 May | 18:27
But who will confuse bobobox with kkokkodalk?
posted by box 07 May | 18:35
"Bobobox" reminds me of bobolinks, which I realize are a kind of bird but nevertheless remind me of bobcats

HEY! I just realized why! Bobcat + lynx = bobolinks. I feel much better about how my brain works now.

Anyway. So, bobobox already has the "cat" schema triggered in my head. kkokkdalk reminds me vaguely of crocodiles and klondike bars, and is therefore likely to stay out of that particular brain area.

At least I hope he does, for the sake of the cats' safety.
posted by occhiblu 07 May | 18:55
Oh, er, all of the above was meant to explain why bobobox and chococat overlap in my head.

The cats schema.


Carry on.

posted by occhiblu 07 May | 18:57
PY, when I went to my friend's church in SF (St Aidan's) he didn't tell me they introduce you and then everyone gives you a hug!!! eww ewww ewwww!
posted by small_ruminant 07 May | 19:03
A hug is better than talking in front of crowds in my book. But hugging everyone is too man hugs. Maybe from people who don't really want to and people who want to too much. That is pretty ewwww, small_ruminant.

De-frosting! I think that's the right word. I'm out of metachat deep freeze, which set in last spring. Just in time for spring.
posted by PY 07 May | 19:13
All this talk of consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel-conclusion names has got me looking at the Wikipedia page for manner of articulation which is just full of delicious words. Plosive! Fricative! Glottalic egressive!

Did someone say frosting?
posted by bobobox 07 May | 20:18
I'm feeling more seasoned already.
Mmmm...seasoned hoppytoad...
posted by iconomy 07 May | 20:24
Hiiiiiii brother.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by AwkwardPause 07 May | 20:36
Shoot, borked that.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by AwkwardPause 07 May | 20:37
hee. awesome, awkwardPause.
posted by gaspode 07 May | 20:40
I'm still around :)
posted by dhruva 07 May | 21:05
Hello everyone! I've been around for while, and have posted a few times. I would post more if I had more privacy at work. I do hope to post more in the future; My observation has been that this is friendly community to newcomers :)
posted by cleo 07 May | 21:11
Hi noobs! AwkwardPause, that's a great hello. Nice to see you again dhruva.
posted by arse_hat 07 May | 21:27
I am not around nearly as much as I want to. Things are taking the best of me. And the worst. And everything in between.

But I think of you a lot, really, and pop in here and there to see what you are all talking about.
I miss you!
posted by carmina 07 May | 22:10
(carmina I was just thinking about you today and was going to drop you an email...)
posted by gaspode 07 May | 22:13
(drop an email whenever you want gaspode)
posted by carmina 07 May | 22:18
Hi, I'm bristolcat. I tend to post only in delurker threads, swear to post more often and then slip back into the comfortable worn shoe of lurking. I know, I'll try harder.
posted by bristolcat 07 May | 22:35
posted by netbros 07 May | 23:03
spellchecked and previewed that
posted by netbros 07 May | 23:04
I am not a noob, but I've been lurking lately. I've been trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to be less distracted. Sadly, that means less posting and commenting... but I'm still here! And I miss the bunnies!
posted by me3dia 08 May | 00:19
Hi all! bmarkey's science girl here. I've never posted, but occasionally lurk. I signed up when someone posted something about microchimerism which I was working on in my internship at the time. Wanted to comment, but the time passed. Anyway, hi to some of you who have heard of me.
posted by science girl 08 May | 01:33
Omg, science girl!
posted by mudpuppie 08 May | 01:41
me 2 wuz 'ere sum!
posted by ramix 08 May | 01:49
Omg, ramix!
posted by mudpuppie 08 May | 01:50
OMFG, science girl! And I missed it!

Oh, and hi to the rest of y'all.
posted by bmarkey 08 May | 02:22
Hi, I'm taz; I haven't been around much lately, because I'm a bit discombobulated after moving house. I love the new baby bunnies. If anyone doesn't know why we are bunnies, it's because we had a photograph of a bunny on the background of the site in its original incarnation, as a tribute to MeFi's favorite bunny, Oolong. Later we switched to nice zombie/bunny cartoon entity, in reference to the "vampire zombie bunny army" which had somehow become a standard motif in conversations around here. That was Doohickie's favorite.

If you come across any jokes that aren't included in Wiki, just ask! Nay, DEMAND that they be explained, and added to the Wiki. In fact, if you want anything at all, just demand it. Beercookies? Beer? Cilantro beer? Beerpie? Beer? Just speak up, we're here to serve!
posted by taz 08 May | 02:24
I am intrigued by this beerpie you speak of. I demand that you send me some. Now. Please.
posted by bmarkey 08 May | 02:31
* begins whipping up beerpie*

Here, have a beer while you wait, bmarkey.
posted by taz 08 May | 02:34
Thank you. In exchange, I could send a local delicacy - geoduck. Sauteed, steak, ceviche... anything sibilant, apparently, is fair game. And, of course, it goes well with beer.
posted by bmarkey 08 May | 03:09
Sibilant, eh? Well, the obvious answer is geoduck souvlaki! With beer.
posted by taz 08 May | 03:26
Hi, I'm elephantday and I lurked at MeFi for years until finally deciding to join after the day of elephant posts, then I joined up here. Aftre that I went back to lurking again.

Also, I Like coriander.
posted by elephantday 08 May | 03:45
geoduck souvlaki

It. Could. Work! Served with beer, of course.

*opens chain of geoduck souvlaki stands across Washington State*

Welcome, elephantday. You should know that coriander is the devil's weed, though.
posted by bmarkey 08 May | 03:58
Been a member for a long time but am sometimes intimidated by the close knit community. I'll try to be a little more active.
posted by geekyguy 08 May | 04:12
Okay, geekyguy and elephantday! You've displayed a honed intellect, questing spirit, and refined sensibility by showing up here. So, have some beerpie! And some Geoduck sausage, or something similarly sibilant.
posted by taz 08 May | 04:44
am sometimes intimidated by the close knit community. I'll try to be a little more active.

Great! Do be more active. It's true - we can't love ya til we know ya, but chances are good that we will when we do. :)

Also, cool! science girl celebrity sighting!
posted by Miko 08 May | 09:27
Hi there...I was very active here near the beginning when i still lived in LA...but then the drama came and some of you got to see that. I moved to a place where i did nothave access to either consistent internet or access to the hard drives containing my music i disappeared. For a while.

But now, i have access to both of those things again and i am enjoying getting back into the groove of getting to know you all again. It feels good to be back...
posted by Schyler523 08 May | 09:40
Whoa! science girl really exists! Glad to see you geekyguy and elephantday. I had wondered where you were Schyler. Good to hear from you.
posted by arse_hat 08 May | 09:53
I don't exactly lurk, but I'm not as active as I used to be. I'm trying! (Trying your patience, heh.)

(me3dia, did I see you at the Andrew Bird concert?)
posted by goatdog 08 May | 10:42
(Yes, it's quite possible, goatdog -- I was there, although I didn't see you.)
posted by me3dia 08 May | 12:22
Neither lurker or noob, but nice to be back with the bunnies after vacation.

I'm not really one of the in-crowd either folks, but don't let that dissuade you. MeCha is a royal place, full of sparking fountains, golden benches, and room for all.
posted by tr33hggr 08 May | 15:10
im in ur forumz, lurking in ur threadz

Hi, Everybody!
posted by chillmost 09 May | 03:39
Lurker mostly here and at Mefi. Back in meta world a bit more after some addictive time spent on Facebook which Metachat encouraged me to join which took away many many productive hours. Now, Face has settled down to people I mostly care about, and all the gossipy types went away. No body ever really had a discussion on Face, just looked at each other's pics and wrote clever things in their status updates or invited you to their gig. It's good for organizing big dim sum dates though. Anyway...hi!!!
posted by typewriter 11 May | 23:28
Hello, hello!

I was lurking for a while, only recently deciding to participate in some minimal fashion. Lonely Lurker No More, I suppose.
posted by the great big mulp 14 May | 01:53
Aspiring troll at MeFi, lurker here. Wondering if MetaChat members are described as "MeChistas."
posted by grobstein 15 May | 11:02
Been (mostly) lurking on MeFi for several years, and just made my MeCha account in the last week.
posted by jjb 17 May | 13:24
New blogs! || Am I wrong in being annoyed