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06 May 2007

Name Your Immortals! [More:] I may have posted something similar in another thread once, but every now and again I think of certain famous people that have had such an impact on me that they should be granted Immortal Status, and never be allowed to die.

Who are yours, and why? Here's my short list:

1. Paul Simon
2. G.B. Trudeau
3. Neil Young
4. Kevin Kline
5. Wes Anderson
6. Bryan Ferry
7. Michael Stipe (and REM's next one better be amazing, or this changes immediately.)
8. George Saunders

Have at it, Haidz.
1. Richard Price
2. Hansome Dick Manitoba
3. James Ellroy
4. Yogi Berra
5. Bob Dylan
6. Kevin Smith
7. Tom Perrotta
8. Cousin Brucie
9. Chuck Berry
10. Abby Winters
posted by jonmc 06 May | 17:19
Gary Trudeau had a big impact on me also.

- Gary Trudeau
- William Gibson
- Ray Bradbury
- Madonna (I like Madonna)
- Joan Baez (for her autobiography)
posted by halonine 06 May | 17:21
- Jack Kirby
- John Coltrane
- The Beatles
- Bob Dylan
- Brian Eno
- Henry Mancini
- Charles Schultz
- Hunter S. Thompson
- Robert Crumb
posted by doctor_negative 06 May | 17:24
1 David Bowie
2 Brian Eno
3 David Lynch
4 Wayne Coyne
5 J.G Ballard
6 John Cleese
7 Peter Greenaway

...and if we're allowed to bring people back from the dead:
8 Douglas Adams
9 Andy Warhol
10 Flannery O'Connor
posted by BoringPostcards 06 May | 17:26

-Tim Page
-Peter Bagge
-Ron Kovic
-John Sayles
-WP Kinsella
posted by jonmc 06 May | 17:27
Alive, but aging too fast:

Gloria Steinem
Margaret Atwood
Tom Petty

Raising the dead:

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Dorothy Parker
posted by brina 06 May | 18:53
Jesus Christ?
posted by PaxDigita 06 May | 19:16
He was cool. His fan club can be a bit much.
posted by jonmc 06 May | 19:20
Charles Schultz
Lynn Johnston
Aretha Franklin
Ansel Adams
Sean Connery
Danny Thomas
My maternal grandparents
posted by redvixen 06 May | 19:41
I'm going to assume we can bring back the dead:

Jim Henson
Kurt Vonnegut
Madeline Kahn
Douglas Adams
Graham Chapman
Josh Loring (a dear friend who offed himself about a year ago)

And among the living:

Peter Falk
Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
John Linnell and John Flansburgh
the self-proclaimed Dr. Gene Ray

posted by the great big mulp 06 May | 20:14
Josh Loring isn't famous ... but he should be.
posted by the great big mulp 06 May | 20:15

1. Julia Child
2. Elvis Presley
3. Dolly Parton
4. Margaret Atwood
5. Yves Saint Laurent
6. Shel Silverstein
posted by LoriFLA 06 May | 20:42
Dead City:
George Herriman
Richard Brautigan
Hunter S. Thompson
Lester Bangs
Warren Zevon
Joe Strummer
Fred Rogers
Samuel Beckett
John Steinbeck
Miles Davis

Alive & Kicking:
Neil Young
Patti Smith
Jacques Pepin
Jimmy Carter
Robyn Hitchcock
Sam Shepard
Lenny Kaye
John Cleese
Keith Richards
Hank Greenwald
posted by bmarkey 06 May | 22:29
I agree with #'s 1,2,5 and 7 of BP's post, and I would change #6 to be all the Pythons, and bring Chapman back from the dead! There are a few artists that I'd like to see immortal, but isn't the it issue that if you've been around for too long, where does the inspiration come from? I'd also say someone like Dorothy Parker, but she'd hate that.
posted by Zack_Replica 07 May | 00:27
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