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04 May 2007

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! -- Paris Hilton sentenced to 45 days in jail.
Soon to be starring in “The Not So Simple Life.”
posted by ericb 04 May | 21:15
What Paris can expect behind bars -- Inmates at the Century Regional Detention Center get low-sodium meals.
posted by ericb 04 May | 21:16
It won't kill her, she should just do it.
Secret filming won't be an option but i would like to hear how it goes.
Hey, it's better than lock up.
i hope all her jailmates get big money deals off it.
posted by ethylene 04 May | 21:24
“I’m very sorry and from now on I’m going to pay complete attention to everything. I’m sorry and I did not do it on purpose at all,” she told the judge before he announced the sentence.

Wow. I can't believe the judge didn't show leniency. I meant, that was *so* sincere!

As a city prosecutor said during closing arguments that Hilton deserved jail time, Hilton’s mother, Kathy, laughed. When the judge ruled, Kathy Hilton, then blurted out: “May I have your autograph?”

Apparently, disregard for the law runs in the family.

Note to self: Don't stay in Hilton hotels anymore; the whole family is a bunch of sleazebags.

posted by Doohickie 04 May | 21:44
I’m sorry and I did not do it on purpose at all

No, she did it because she believes she's special and different and the rules that ordinary people have to live by don't apply to her.
posted by essexjan 05 May | 00:38
45 days was what the prosecutor asked for. That's gotta hurt. Oh, Paris! Will you never learn?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 05 May | 00:45
If her douchebag attorney wins an appeal and she ends up with some bullshit deferment or has house arrest at her parent's mansion it is proof there really is no justice system left. At least for those of us without an 8-figure net worth.
posted by birdherder 05 May | 02:22
Maybe Martha started a trend?
posted by philomathoholic 05 May | 02:35
YEAY! I mean. too bad for her. yeah..
posted by dabitch 05 May | 06:53
When a reporter asked what she thought of the judge’s decision, a visibly angry Kathy Hilton responded: “What do you think? This is pathetic and disgusting, a waste of taxpayer money with all this nonsense. This is a joke.”

Yeah rrrrright mom. Had Paris run over someone with that car while DUI, it wouldn't have been so funny for anyone involved. Law applies even to Hiltons.

Note to self: Don't stay in Hilton hotels anymore; the whole family is a bunch of sleazebags.

Exactly. In the eighties that (brand)name was synonymous with classy modern & sleek and now it's synonymous with pron-films on the net.
posted by dabitch 05 May | 06:58
*Everyone* who violates parole thinks he is a special case to whom the rules of his parole don't really apply or who won't be caught or won't get in real trouble next time. And most people who violate these sorts of terms end up in jail. And I've never encountered a repeat offender who learned any lesson other than "poor me" from it. I, like a handful of really good judges I've been in front of, keep hoping someone will figure out the cause and effect of the action, reaction, punishment cycle. That someone will actually use 45 days in the pokey to think about something other than how much it sucks to be him. That they'll use that 45 days to see that their behavior pushes legislators to pass needless, draconian, or unwieldy laws. That their behavior sucks revenue out of positive programs into punitive programs. That their behavior carries a very real risk of physically damaging, or killing, other people and that when that happens, when they hurt another person, it is not about Poor Little Me. That everyone has a very real responsibility to walk through this life making as little ugliness as possible, even if they can't make anything better.

I don't think Paris is that person.
posted by crush-onastick 05 May | 09:05
who's paris hilton?
posted by Wedge 05 May | 12:50
Doohickie, I swore off ever staying at a Hilton Hotel after the first episode of "Simple Life." It seemed so obvious, even back then.

It used to be that the misdeeds of the hyper-rich were kept hidden as much as possible for fear it would cause the underclass to revolt. Now that PH and her ilk have proven otherwise, expect much more of the same.
posted by wendell 05 May | 14:27
who's paris hilton?

posted by philomathoholic 05 May | 18:26
Hilton added, 'I don't deserve this.'

Y'know, pretty much any time somebody starts talking about what they deserve, it seems like it's full of unintentional comedy. Or is that just me?
posted by box 06 May | 18:27
Now I really hate her, did y'all see the video under ericb's link? Bitch is wearing my favorite vintage summer-dress! ARGH! She's tainting my outfit!
posted by dabitch 07 May | 02:24
course it's not mine, but mine looks exactly like it. Except I fill it out better.
posted by dabitch 07 May | 02:25
She plans to present a petition to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger asking for a pardon.

The petition reads, in part: "We, the American public who support Paris, are shocked, dismayed and appalled by how Paris has been the person to be used as an example that Drunk Driving is wrong. We do not support drunk driving or DUI charges. Paris should have been sober. But she shouldn't go to jail, either. She provides hope for young people all over the U.S. and the world. She provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives."
posted by ericb 08 May | 16:16
Calling specklet: animal-check! tiny-check! fingers-check! GPS vest ... WHUT?! || Let us mourn the passing of Rose.