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03 May 2007

Super boring question. Still, hope me. [More:]

I'd like some way to store 11x17 documents in my big ole lateral files. Does anyone know of some sort of accessory that would allow me to do this?

Specklet, I REALLY wish I could help. But, alas, I cannot.
posted by richat 03 May | 13:24
I assume folding them is out? That's my usual solution.
posted by occhiblu 03 May | 13:25
These people probably have some sort of solution that will work for you.
posted by dersins 03 May | 13:27
I declare this a no-pants thread.
posted by mike9322 03 May | 13:31
*removes pants, reveals these socks*

Thanks, dersins, I'll persuse that site.

Yeah, occhi, they're nice architectural documents, and my designer is getting tichy about storing them just so.

*whuffles richat*
posted by Specklet 03 May | 13:37
wow, pantsless specklet AND whuffles? I think I must be dreaming.

P.S. It's about 95 degrees in my office for some reason. I think they're trying to get rid of me, but are trying to make me quit. I just told my office mate that I wish I was barefoot!
posted by richat 03 May | 13:42
Specklet: search for "Front to Back Lateral File Rails"
posted by mischief 03 May | 13:47
This question really confused me because I mixed up "lateral files" with flat files. That is all.

Well not really 'all'. Those socks are incredibly hawt.

Also, these look interesting.
posted by danostuporstar 03 May | 13:55
Those socks rule.
posted by King of Prontopia 03 May | 14:13
Specklet, have you seen this AskMe thread about a similar (not identical) question?
posted by Elsa 03 May | 14:26
Yeah, we have flat files, but my boss wants to file them in the lateral file cabinets.

She's crazy.

(This is the same woman who just told me that she wants me to print out copies of all the invoices that we send out to clients so she can keep them in a file at her desk. This is in addition to the electronic copies I keep, as well as the hard copies I keep in the lateral filing cabinet that is ten feet away from her chair.)

Glad y'all like the socks. They were a present from a Mechazen!
posted by Specklet 03 May | 14:46
geez speck what a nutbar your boss sounds like.I just severed a contract working for a guy who was convinced that having more than 1 application open slowed his machine down.he's also enamered with his fax machine and poopoos scanning and pdf attachments.
posted by chewatadistance 03 May | 15:09
Alarm++ 7.05 || Who says you need functional legs to shred?