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03 May 2007

Make it stiff: does anyone know how to make icing thicker?[More:] i have probably inhaled a case of diabeetus but i'm having a problem with the frosting. i made this blueberry rasberry reduction with butter and cream cheese and of course lots of sugar, a few other things-- it tastes great but it's too thin for fancy application.
Is there something i can do or add? i have the bulk of it chilling in the fridge with the base layer of the surprisingly healthy cake (super light vanilla layer under blueberry jammy frosting layer and most super chocopumpkin layer).
i think i have used more sugar today than i have all year, mostly for frosting.
How about beating in some marscapone. That'll add body to it. Or add whisked egg white and a little liquid glucose.
posted by essexjan 03 May | 17:14
The only thing I can think of is to add some powdered sugar.
posted by LoriFLA 03 May | 17:14
Good idea jan, the cheese is probably a better option. More sugar may send it into inedible territory.
posted by LoriFLA 03 May | 17:17
Not all that appetizing, but some vegetable shortening would do the trick. It used to be a common ingredient in icing recipes down south.
posted by mudpuppie 03 May | 17:19
i only have half a package of cream cheese and some butter. i was thinking of egg whites with cream of tartar but i have almost never dealt with frostings. i found some old premade buttercream in the back of the fridge but already turned it robin's egg blue as a decorating thing.
Heart shaped cupcake versions of the two cakes were going to be layered and placed on top, but i think i should have reduced the berry mixture more.
Dammit! i need a pastry chef!
Next time i am just getting premade fondant and actual decorating tools and crap, no more of this making due with a knife and fork.
i've used a lot less sugar than most recipes call for but it actually tastes good--
i should eat real food now instead of just licking my fingers.
posted by ethylene 03 May | 17:28
Marshmallow creme can stiffen and lighten. And, it makes a dandy floor wax, not to mention an incredible hair styling product.
posted by paulsc 03 May | 17:31
"The Joy of Cooking" says to add powdered sugar.

Its recipe for "decorative icing" also include 2 egg whites and 1/8 tsp cream of tartar (for a 1 3/4 c. yield).
posted by backseatpilot 03 May | 17:48
Thanks, pilot. After i finish this salad it looks like i get to go back to the wonderful world of whisking.

i wish you guys were here to eat all the cake cut offs, but i'd probably make you whisk.
The lack of a mixer is going to make my arms go all popeye.
posted by ethylene 03 May | 17:56
I was gonna say powdered (confectioners') sugar. You may have to add kind of a lot, but it will turn into a thick glaze. If you continue to add more after the glaze stage, you'll get something like a buttercream. Do use it right away, because it starts to harden and stiffen within a few minutes.
posted by Miko 03 May | 17:58
Nooooo, fondant is terrible! Do not fall to the dark (and matte and disturbingly smooth) side!

Yeah, I was going to suggest powdered sugar too. I've also done the mascarpone thing, and it was yum.
posted by casarkos 03 May | 20:04
Ok, i've got three different icings now and only the premade has any consistency. Right now it looks like a blue and magenta nightmare and i am just too tired to think of a remedy.
i need a break. There is a lavender monstrosity that is almost all powdered sugar in a bowl and it refuses to do anything but flow like batter.
i bet i will end up mixing a little of it with some left over cream cheese and call it a day.

Must plan better in the future.
posted by ethylene 03 May | 20:24
The damage thus far.
posted by ethylene 04 May | 13:17
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