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02 May 2007

The Shield might be a good show, I've only watched it once, but constant, ubiquitous promos I've seen lately force me to say: (In a stereotypical dramatic TV announcers voice building to crescendo): "Vic Mackey is a tough, pissed-off cop. VIC MACKEY DEMANDS LOYALTY. VIC MACKEY OFTEN RESEMBLES A SMALL, FLACCID, ANGRY PENIS, PISSED OFF BECAUSE IT CAN'T GET BIG AND ERECT." I guess he's just a good actor that way. (Apologies to Michael Chiklis. Please don't make drink urine out of a toilet or anything else you might do to a "bad guy" on the show.)
Ehh, ya know, the show is gritty and (maybe) "real" the way everyone likes these days, but to me it goes miles to reinforce the notion that everyone is a shit, so there's no point in being anything but a shit, and you'd damn well be a shit to survive.

Of course at least this philosophy eventually comes back on 'em all (on the show), too.
posted by shane 02 May | 07:32
I love The Shield, mostly because I'm afraid Chiklis will shoot me in the face if I don't
posted by matteo 02 May | 07:36
There was a time when television shows featured characters that were better, smarter, more moral, faster, stronger, wiser than us everyday folks. These days, everybody on teevee seems a whole helluva a lot worse than normal people you interact with.

This is one of the reasons I haven't been able to watch the Sopranos since about season three. Seemingly without exception, the characters are all weak, conniving, insecure, violent (or else willfully in denial), stupid, selfish jerks. Why on earth would I want to continue to watch a show like that?
posted by psmealey 02 May | 07:48
It's not bad. The Wire and Homicide were better.
posted by jonmc 02 May | 07:57
What jonmc said. I really enjoyed The Shield but the only thing that made it so good was the moral ambiguity (well, the preformances were pretty sharp too). Homicide had it beat in that and several other departments. The Wire has made any other TV cop show pretty much redundant though.
posted by GeckoDundee 02 May | 08:42
Please don't make drink urine out of a toilet or anything else you might do to a "bad guy" on the show.

posted by: shane at: 07:26

posted by AlexReynolds 02 May | 10:41
o god fuck no not the wire no
posted by matteo 02 May | 11:19
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