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01 May 2007

List Everything You Know About...
1. Flesh
2. Color
3. Speech
4. Walking

here, please.
1. Best Eaten Cooked
2. Favorite: Plaid
3. *grunt* *grunt* *grunt*
4. White people do it like this, black people do it like this
posted by jonmc 01 May | 18:32
I'll give you a solid 2 out of 4 there jon. I, sadly, have no answers for you to critique.
posted by richat 01 May | 18:37
Everything I know I learned in the 80s:

posted by bmarkey 01 May | 18:40
each one is a 5 page aper without research, seriously.

1. Flesh the color is a concept that has slowly gone out of style due to a much more inclusive, i.e less boneheaded, realization that "flesh" does not come in one color. Flesh, as in muscle tissue and fat is generally reserved for the subphylum of chordate, i.e vertebrate, animals with backbones. The increasing consumption of which is credited with certain social, leading to biological, changes in the early hominids that eventually evolved into H. s. sapiens. Flesh/protein consumption amongst the early hominids led to tool use and creation, the spread into Asia and Europe, increased population, and some suggest even language use, all this allowed for the continual increase of brain size... etc etc Flesh also applies to the pulpy interior of fruits and/or vegetables, varying dramatically in consistency and flavor...
ok, I'm bored now, gonna go watch some live music, yay!
posted by edgeways 01 May | 18:54
The first two were exactly what I thought of, bmarkey. But I would have gone with "Voices Carry" and "Walk Like an Egyptian" for the last two.
posted by jrossi4r 01 May | 19:18
I searched for "Walking In LA" by Missing Persons, but they were just pre-video, I guess.
posted by bmarkey 01 May | 19:22
Really? I for sure remember a video for Words and Destination Unknown, so they weren't completely pre-video.
posted by jrossi4r 01 May | 19:35
I found "Words" and "Destination Unknown" and even "Mental Hopscotch", but no "Walking In LA". Well, there's a live version, but since I can't my speakers here at work are on the fritz I had no way of checking the sound quality. (I've played that King Crimson vid before, at home.)
posted by bmarkey 01 May | 19:43
I can't
posted by bmarkey 01 May | 19:44
1, 2, 3 & 4: Betty Joan Perske.
posted by paulsc 01 May | 20:06
I'm in favor of them.
posted by box 01 May | 22:10
1. It is temporal, it is mortal, it is vulnerable, and it is irreplaceable.

2. It is a reflection of just a narrow part of the entire spectrum contained in pure white light. We think we see it, we think we agree on it, but we can't really know it.

3. It gets caught in my throat, or no, even below my throat, somewhere between my clavicle and my heart, a lot of the time.

4. It is a moving meditation, it is the most natural of human acts, it is the best way to experience space with anything approaching understanding.
posted by Miko 01 May | 22:50
"Color" is actually spelt C O L O U R.

posted by seanyboy 02 May | 02:18
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