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01 May 2007

Happy May Day and Happy Birthday to richat!
Can't talk - dancing around a may pole. Thanks though!
posted by richat 01 May | 10:28
Happy Birthday rich@! Many happy returns to a good Dad and all-around nice guy.
posted by iconomy 01 May | 10:30
Happy happy, richat!
posted by gaspode 01 May | 10:31
Happiest birthday richat! I hope the weather is nice, that you have time for a few beers and that your team made it to the playoffs!
posted by LunaticFringe 01 May | 10:43
Happy birthday Richat!!
posted by LoriFLA 01 May | 10:44
Happy b-day, richat!!
posted by BoringPostcards 01 May | 10:46
They have birthdays in Canada? Huh, who knew?

Have a great one.
posted by mike9322 01 May | 10:49
A big birthday kiss for you, richat!
posted by jrossi4r 01 May | 11:10
Happy birthday, richat!!
posted by CitrusFreak12 01 May | 11:11
Happy birthday!
posted by casarkos 01 May | 11:15
Yaaaaay rickhat's b-day! *enthusiastic whuffles*
posted by Specklet 01 May | 11:22
*dances* woo! have a great one!
posted by scody 01 May | 11:36
Oh hey!!! Happy Birthday Bud!
posted by rainbaby 01 May | 12:07
Happy happy fellow taurus!!!!!!!!!!! Rock around the maypole!
posted by mygothlaundry 01 May | 12:33
Hoppy Burfday, mr. hat!
posted by deborah 01 May | 13:18
happy birthday and happy may day! I wish my birthday was may day.
posted by By the Grace of God 01 May | 14:39
MayDay, MayDay, it's richat's birthday!!!! Happy Birthday!!
posted by redvixen 01 May | 15:03
Thanks everyone. BtGoG, it was always cool, growing up in Canada as I did, because I got to learn French, and in doing so, learned that my birthday has a special word...le premier du mai. So continental, just like me.
posted by richat 01 May | 15:05
We need candles, lots of witchy candles.
posted by ethylene 01 May | 15:13
Myself and my elephantine nethers salute you, sir!
posted by Lipstick Thespian 01 May | 18:11
Elephantine? It never forgets?
posted by ethylene 01 May | 18:16
Happy Birthday, richat!
posted by hadjiboy 01 May | 21:33
posted by Miko 01 May | 22:45
Happity! Birthamaday! Richamachat!
posted by wimpdork 02 May | 01:43
happy birthday richat!
posted by Hellbient 03 May | 10:41
MMMMixed Greens With Powdered Donuts..Yummo! || Today's decorating update