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11 April 2007

Imus OUT at MSNBC And it's not over...[More:]
So what about the umpteen radio stations airing his show? And what will MSNBC do to fill the airtime? (Hmmm... howzabout Steve Harvey? Would that be PC or just crazy?) And what about the poor O'Briens (who were just reassigned off the CNN Morning Show because Imus was gaining in the ratings)?
I have laughed at The Steve Harvey Morning Show. It is sooooo not PC.
posted by rainbaby 11 April | 19:47
I agree with everything Bill Maher has to say. You can watch the clip from the MSNBC article. "Bill Maher defends Imus". I don't even like Maher or Imus all that much, but I think Maher hits it on the head.

My inlaws are going to be so depressed. They love Imus in the Morning. They can't stop talking about his camps, and his wife and her environmental pursuits and her aversion to vaccinations.

I always liked Charlie.
posted by LoriFLA 11 April | 20:37
Pickup by FoxNews in 5 4 3 ...
posted by mischief 11 April | 20:38
When Imus said he was not a racist I saw it in my head in all caps with square brackets surrounding it.
posted by grouse 11 April | 21:29
It's getting a lot of press here because he lives here.

My cousin, Samantha, who I've mentioned here is a cancer survivor, went to his ranch last summer. I haven't seen her since this whole thing has happened. I wonder what her opinion is. She's probably not really aware of it, she's not a news-savy 13 year old.
posted by kmellis 11 April | 21:30
Man, Imus just reminds me of some Marvel villain, and I can't fucking place him. I bet he'd be drawn by Romita too, because you can just see those liney cheeks... But that white hair... I know it's not Doc Savage (green hair) or Kraven (black hair, moustache)... It's gonna bug me for weeks!
posted by klangklangston 12 April | 00:49
The pic on the page wendell links to has a Doc Oc vibe for me. If that's not it, this should help you out. (It's geocities though, so it won't take much traffic).
posted by GeckoDundee 12 April | 02:45
When Imus said he was not a racist I saw it in my head in all caps with square brackets surrounding it.

Hee. Me too.
posted by gaspode 12 April | 07:49
I'm curious - has anyone ever been fired for making racist remarks about white people? I've been banging this about in my brain all morning and I can't come up with anything.
posted by iconomy 12 April | 08:36
Hmm... Sort of a white-haired Mad Thinker... But I'll keep looking. What was the name of Silver Sable's dad?
posted by klangklangston 12 April | 17:09
And.... after looking at three profiles, the site is dead. You're awesome, Geocities! You make me miss Angelfire!
posted by klangklangston 12 April | 17:12
BE THERE OR BE RHOMBOIDAL || Dylan, Sanjayra, and great balls of cilantro, BUNNIES!