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31 March 2007

Netflix Friends - Not entirely certain how this works.
... but it could be fun. I'm willing to give it a shot!
If I used Netflix, I'd join ya!
posted by BoringPostcards 31 March | 19:24
Sure, what the hell.

Here's mine.
posted by Lentrohamsanin 31 March | 19:41
Hey, we're 58% similar!
posted by Lentrohamsanin 31 March | 19:41
Mischief: you and I are 60% compatible. I can live with that.
posted by ColdChef 31 March | 21:48
Lentrohamsanin, you are officially my least compatible "friend" at 51%. We should break up.
posted by ColdChef 31 March | 21:50
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only idiot with 400+ movies in queue.
posted by ColdChef 31 March | 21:55
Weird, it reads 61% on my end.

As for the queue size, I fully expect to get a chronic disease that requires me to switch to 10 out and do nothing but watch movies all day. I am planning for the future.
posted by Lentrohamsanin 31 March | 22:19
I would love a chronic disease.
posted by ColdChef 31 March | 22:29
Wait, over 400 is bad? What if I forget a movie and never ever see it!? I will watch movies my whole life, if I must.

P.S. - I am Alison
posted by wimpdork 31 March | 22:43
wimpdork, we are 63% compatible (according to my side). I'd like to point out that I'm off Netflix for Lent, so the recent rentals on my side are my wife's crappy choices.
posted by ColdChef 31 March | 22:52
ColdChef: that's just one account! I have two other accounts that I am (slowly, very slowly) moving the music and TV/documentaries into.

I have only just glanced at the Friends page since I posted this, but it looks like it's could be a lot of fun, especially with people with such similar tastes as well as some fairly spectacular disagreements.

"my wife's crappy choices" - Su-u-ure!
posted by mischief 31 March | 22:54
"my wife's crappy choices" - Su-u-ure!

That's brave talk from someone who recently rented "Clarissa Explains it All: Season 1"
posted by ColdChef 31 March | 23:02
Courtney made me do it.
posted by mischief 01 April | 08:15
In the Friends tab/Preferences, you can edit the names.

Tim = mischief
posted by mischief 04 April | 06:10
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