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28 March 2007

Things you never thought you'd say. [More:]

When I was a wee speckling, I never would have dreamed that someday I would say: "The principal of the firm wants to talk to you about the Crosswater development criteria; there's going to be land management issues."
Using the term "TPS Report" in any sense other than in a joke.

I died a little inside when someone asked me for one at my last job.
posted by backseatpilot 28 March | 12:58
"Yes, Minister."

I am a civil servant.
posted by greycap 28 March | 12:59
"We can't go for a walk on the beach today. The sign says the beach is closed because unspent land mines washed up on the sand and they have to be removed first."
posted by iconomy 28 March | 13:05
"Mom, you were totally right."
posted by dabitch 28 March | 13:05
"No excavating." (watching as my daughter starts to stick her hand down her diaper)
"Forks don't go in your nose."
posted by plinth 28 March | 13:06
backseatpilot, what exactly is a TPS report, anyway?
posted by Specklet 28 March | 13:18
To my son, to whom it also applies: "There are worse things than you hating my guts."

To his mother: "...such as what you're doing to him."
posted by PaxDigita 28 March | 13:23
Oops, I meant: "To my son, and to his mother, to whom it also applies....dammit.
posted by PaxDigita 28 March | 13:25
"We need to be proactive about this." Or, in other words, "Yes, please shove that red-hot poker straight up my ass."
posted by tr33hggr 28 March | 13:57
Well, at my old job (GE Aircraft Engines), a TPS was a work request. Any time you wanted something done by someone in the union, you filled out a TPS.
posted by backseatpilot 28 March | 14:03
"Turn that music down and go to bed. Jesus Christ, I swear to God, what the hell is wrong with you kids anyway? That's not music, that's just noise."
posted by mygothlaundry 28 March | 14:16
"Yes, Monkey Master."

he's coming, gotta go.
posted by Hellbient 28 March | 14:25
"Damn, what a large chicken."

Seriously that thing was as tall as my thighs, although the photo doesn't make it look that way, and I'm not that short.
posted by cmonkey 28 March | 14:31
cmonkey, linky no worky....:o(
posted by PaxDigita 28 March | 14:45
Hrm, maybe this link works better.
posted by cmonkey 28 March | 14:55
"Is there a certain kind of tampons you want me to get?"
posted by King of Prontopia 28 March | 15:27
Can we make love tomorrow night instead of tonight? Or the next night? I'm REALLY tired.
posted by danf 28 March | 16:07
Daaang that's a big chicken!
posted by Specklet 28 March | 16:19
Can you meet me in room 213B? There's an order to digitally disimpact Mrs. Smith and hang soap suds enemas until clear.
posted by LoriFLA 28 March | 16:42
Does digitally disimpact mean what I think it means?
posted by Specklet 28 March | 17:15
Yes, unfortunately it does. It's a joy.
posted by LoriFLA 28 March | 17:18
Will you tidy your damned bedroom up, because I'm sick and tired of tripping over your stuff all the time! If this mess is still here when I get home from work tomorrow, I'll throw it all in the bin!

My Mother laughs out loud every time she hears me say this.
posted by dg 28 March | 17:31
LoriFLA, there are just not enough rubber gloves in the world.
posted by dg 28 March | 17:32
greycap's is best.
posted by grouse 28 March | 17:43
LoriFLA, there are just not enough rubber gloves in the world.

Hee. Thankfully digital disimpaction is an infrequent order, at least on the floor I work on.
posted by LoriFLA 28 March | 17:51
"Yes, minister."

I am a sinner.
posted by rob511 28 March | 18:00
"Who ever said life was fair?"

posted by jason's_planet 28 March | 20:06
"I want a divorce."
posted by rhapsodie 28 March | 20:08
Whom does it impact and who stands to profit from this reorganization? How does this transaction impact upon my employment with this company?
posted by porpoise 28 March | 23:45
Essexbunny begs forgiveness for teratoma prank. || Hogan Street Does Not Stop...