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26 March 2007

Time Square Lullaby. [More:]

On my way home tonight, heading for the Time Square shuttle from Grand Central, a trio of trumpeteers were playing a ragtime rendition of "You are my Sunshine," a song my father was rather fond of singing in his charmingly, if rather painful, off-key bellow of a tenor. (He was so tone deaf, his elementary school choir teacher wouldn't let him sing; he threw the other kids off. He never got over it, and road trips were his special time to shine, with solo renditions of "Home, Home on the Range," and "Don't Fence Me In." I suppose I can be grateful he never took up show tunes.) But "You are my Sunshine" he sang for me. He died in '98.

One of the trumpet players even waved.
if rather painful, off-key bellow of a tenor.

She's not kidding. One time while I was at the house, he idly broke into 'My Darling Clementine.' It wasn't pretty.
posted by jonmc 26 March | 23:27
That's wonderful. *hugs pips*
posted by youngergirl44 26 March | 23:33
That is sweet pips.
posted by arse_hat 26 March | 23:56
Was it a Huckleberry Hound-ish rendition of "Clementine" ? Because that I could've not only tolerated but joined in with: "And her shoooooz were number niyiyiiiiine!"
posted by wendell 27 March | 00:03
actually, wendell, pip's pop bore a distinct resemblance, in looks and general demeanor, to Lawrence Tierney in Reservoir Dogs,, you can imagine....
posted by jonmc 27 March | 00:14
What a great story, Pips.
posted by essexjan 27 March | 02:10
I suppose I can be grateful he never took up show tunes

I have a terrible voice, but love show tunes. I am also a morning person, which is, for some people not a good combination, especially if they are not morning people.

Once when I was at George's I was up with the lark, pottering about the kitchen, accompanying myself with my favourite show tunes, at some volume. I'd worked my way through "The Sound of Music" and moved on to "Oklahoma".

At the sound me singing "chicks 'n' ducks 'n' geese better scurry, when I take you out in the surrey ..." George yelled to his son "Ruuudy, fetch my gun!"

He was not a morning person :-)
posted by essexjan 27 March | 02:16
*alerts Homeland Security of ej's June arrival* ; )
posted by Pips 27 March | 10:22
EJ, you and I must stroll arm-in-arm down the street singing showtunes. This is a requirement of your visit. ^_^
posted by TrishaLynn 28 March | 14:51
As long as I don't have to do it topless, TL.
posted by essexjan 28 March | 16:09
supreme commander is very addictive || One of Saturn's moons makes one of Saturn's rings!