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26 March 2007

This is a hugging thread... [More:]*hugs Taz*

Go on, now you try it...
*hugs seanyboy, essexjan, and Memo's girlfriend*

That was a group hug for recently terrorized bunnies and bunny kin.

*hugs hadjiboy*

That's for creating a hugging thread. :)
posted by taz 26 March | 08:04
Huggage to the entire bunny community!

Hugs and a noogie to hadjiboy.
posted by By the Grace of God 26 March | 08:39
Just dropping by to pat some shoulders and feel awkward.
posted by Hugh Janus 26 March | 08:40
*hugs Hugh*
posted by occhiblu 26 March | 09:00
Thanks, occhiblu.

How can something that feels as good as a hug still make me cringe? I'm sure it's something from my chilhood, but still. I'm getting better at it, with the help of friends like Pips, who has a fourth degree blackbelt in hugging.
posted by Hugh Janus 26 March | 09:15
A hug to BP's partner, who I consider just as much a friend.
posted by mischief 26 March | 09:16
oops, I forgot to hug TPS's sister! {{{TPS-sister}}}! Too much trauma this week!

Somebody hug the possum!
posted by taz 26 March | 09:36
Pips is indeed a good hugger.
The Huggest, even.
posted by Hellbient 26 March | 09:37
*hugs everyone*

*looks at the possum*
posted by seanyboy 26 March | 09:38
Are pinches allowed? No? Okay.

*hugs all*
posted by hojoki 26 March | 09:39
Did I miss something about Mr. BP? *hugs mischief, for the heck of it*
posted by rainbaby 26 March | 10:17
*hug everyone*

*hug possum*
posted by halonine 26 March | 10:22
How can something that feels as good as a hug still make me cringe?

I'm a very huggy person, but I do try to be aware of this sort of thing. I think it's fairly common.

I actually like the European cheek-kiss thing, but that reads as hopelessly pretentious here. C'est la vie.
posted by occhiblu 26 March | 11:08
You americans and your 'YOU'RE TOO CLOSE' culture. :P

*hugs everyone and makes them cringe*
posted by Memo 26 March | 11:12
Pips is indeed an awesome hugger.

And thank you for the hugs. And WTF happened yesterday?! Bunny victims everywhere!
posted by essexjan 26 March | 11:20
Oh, sorry, I forgot to hug anybody back.

*hugs all her MeCha crushes*

posted by essexjan 26 March | 11:21
Pips is the Muhammad Ali of hugging, my friends. (believe it or not, my friend Tennessee Sam is the Joe Frazier of hugging. no joke)

I actually like the European cheek-kiss thing, but that reads as hopelessly pretentious here

I used to be kind of awkward about that, owing to a grandma who like kissing with her dentures out, but druring my tenure in Miami, all my Latino co-workers were real big on the kiss greeting which broke me of the that awkwardness.
posted by jonmc 26 March | 11:27
It's not really a 'YOU'RE TOO CLOSE' culture thing, it's an 'I DON'T LIKE TO BE FORCED TO DO ANYTHING' thing, and when people go to hug you when you don't want to be touched, they get offended that I don't want a hug, so I just suck it up and allow myself to be touched. The funny thing is, it's completely situational and there are times when none of this is true, and there are people for whom this isn't true ever, and people who I like a great deal who I hate being hugged by. So it isn't something peculiar about my culture, unless I really am diminishable to some automatic American archetype; it's something peculiar about me. My attempts to conquer it sometimes feel completely natural, and sometimes feel furtive and weird. It shows.

You want to win my heart? Slap me five. I'll extend my right hand to you, palm up, and you slap downward on it with a resounding smack. No returns, just one slap. That really warms me up.
posted by Hugh Janus 26 March | 11:29
I like hugging friends, but I hate hate HATE the hugging that goes on in AA. No, I do NOT want to hug that old lech who stinks of cigarettes and has bad breath and is so tall that I just get a whiff of his stinky unwashed and undeodorised armpits, thank you!
posted by essexjan 26 March | 11:43
In real life hugs are not my thing; I tend to stiffen up. But I do love the cyber-hugs.
posted by hojoki 26 March | 11:55
I'm with you, ej--I like hugging friends, but not people I don't know (or want to know) that well--I had an experience where there were several people I knew who I hugged goodnight, but one I didn't know as well and when he went to hug me I backed off and presented my hand...he wasn't creepy, but I wasn't ready for that yet. About shaking hands, it's the woman's prerogative whether she wants to or not when introducing herself and it's rude for the guy to reach out first.

I especially did NOT like being backed into a corner by someone I didn't know who was desperate to get laid.
posted by brujita 26 March | 14:33
Like Hugh, I haven't been all that fond of hugs in the past. Mum said that I've been like that all my life - didn't like being touched even when really young. The mister has helped me loosen up on the hug front. I even hug my brothers! I'm game for getting hugs from friends but I won't instigate them because I don't know how they'll be received.

Big bunny hugs to everyone!
posted by deborah 26 March | 15:13
I used to detest hugs to a point where all my friends held off or asked "is it okay to hug you?" when I was feeling bad. Which I get from mom.

Now I go around giving them. Just cause they're awesome.

That was an adjusting-to-culture thing.

Hugs for everyone!! ^^
posted by Phire 26 March | 15:38

Those who have met me will tell you: I don't ambush people with a hug on the VERY first meeting, but on the second meeting or even at the END of the first time we meet, you're likely to get hugged. :)
posted by BoringPostcards 26 March | 16:22
Awe, shucks... you folks are the bestest. Big bear hugs all around! : )
posted by Pips 26 March | 17:22
Hugging is always a bit weird and stiff for me up until I am actually hugged at which point "hey, this feels kinda nice..."

*hugs everyone, gingerly*
posted by casarkos 26 March | 19:31
I'm with you, ej--I like hugging friends, but not people I don't know (or want to know) that well-

This is why the hip-hop "handshake/pull in/slap each other on the back" thing is so great. More than a handshake, less than a hug.
posted by drjimmy11 26 March | 19:52
*hugs* to all of you. : )
posted by sisterhavana 26 March | 20:46
I'm getting to where hugging friends annoys me because it reminds me of the real intimacy I'm missing from lack of a SO.
posted by PaxDigita 27 March | 07:13
*hugs everyone, and some people twice*
*heck, hugs everyone twice, those that want to*
*hi-fives everyone else!*
posted by redvixen 27 March | 18:32
Raccoon on my rooftop terrace || meh