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23 March 2007

Blatant self-promotion: The show I've been working on for three months (and that airs this weekend) got a GREAT writeup in the Atlanta paper today!![More:] (That story will go behind a registration wall after today.)

I wasn't going to post about this, but the review is so flattering I can't help myself. The show airs on CNN this weekend, Saturday and Sunday at 8pm and 11pm Eastern. (It's an hour long.) I edited it with one other guy, and we had a LOT of creative control, so we're both pretty proud of it.
posted by fluffy battle kitten 23 March | 10:39
Yay! I still think you have the best job ever.
posted by matildaben 23 March | 10:42
Very cool.
posted by arse_hat 23 March | 10:53
Yay, BP! Congrats!
posted by gaspode 23 March | 11:03
BP, that looks amazing. You must be very proud.

I wonder, was part of your plan to explore and maybe shed some light on the debate surrounding the punishing nature (in terms of hours and intensity) of medical residency? I know some doctors recently have been re-examining its efficacy, some think it's essential, and some think it's archaic. I'd love to be more informed about the results of structuring residency that way,
posted by Miko 23 March | 11:04
Congratulations BP! I'll definitely Tivo and watch it.
posted by LoriFLA 23 March | 11:07
Thanks, y'all!

Yes Miko, that was really the motivation to do this show. It's not advocating one way or the other, but it brings up a lot of issues on both sides of that debate. One of the "threads" in the show is a student that we followed for an entire 36-hour shift- that's one of the parts I edited, and every day after working on it I wanted to go home and just take a nap. :)
posted by BoringPostcards 23 March | 11:22
Yay! You made an awesome. What a wonderful feeling, enjoy it!
posted by By the Grace of God 23 March | 11:24
Wow, BP. Great show idea. Looking forward to learning about this stuff. Good luck, I hope it's the stuff of water coolers everywhere.
posted by Miko 23 March | 11:27
Congrats! I had no idea you were a film editor. Neat!
posted by deborah 23 March | 12:17
Cool! I recommend buying more Russian cameras to celebrate!
posted by tommasz 23 March | 15:08
BTW, mechazens, BP already has one Emmy for editing. Writeups like this in a "competing" medium are usually the first step in getting such a nomination. Not to get y'all's hopes up or anything. heheh
posted by mischief 23 March | 16:36
Aw, thanks mischief. :) But actually it was only a nomination, and we didn't win. So, only a bridesmaid, thus far.
posted by BoringPostcards 23 March | 16:55
Oh shucks. I do tend to inflate the achievements of others. As in:

"How do you pick out the editor at a production meeting?"
"He's the one wearing the Walkman."

posted by mischief 23 March | 17:12
I just used the word "modicum" in conversation... || Bump from AskMe