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23 March 2007

Ask Bunnies: I need to get a microphone that will work with a sony ICD ST25 digital voice recorder - i.e. it needs to plug in to a jack the size of a standard iPod or Walkman headphone jack. (the gadget also has one of those, but I have 'phones.) One good for recording interviews. Any suggestions?[More:]
Also, after googling for an hour I can't find the Digital Voice Editor software from Sony's site or elsewhere. Any suggestions?
Many thanks! :))
posted by By the Grace of God 23 March | 09:55
For the mic you'll probably need a "self-powered" microphone that outputs "line" signal. Few portable consumer recorders have "mic in", it's actually "line in". Mics require power. They make small stereo ones that are basically two mics on a little stalk that plugs into your line in jack, or more elaborate self-contained ones on a longer cable. Sony makes a neat stereo one that's about the size of a small avocado and runs on an AA battery.

Screw Sony's software. Use Audacity. It's open source and free.
posted by loquacious 23 March | 09:59
yay, thanks loquacious! :)

the software problem is that it records in a proprietary format.. does Audacity allow me to reach and convert those files? When you plug this device into a computer, no other thing except sony DVE has ever been able to even see the files. it doesn't even show up as removable storage on windows explorer.

posted by By the Grace of God 23 March | 10:06
update: I found a tiny mic in my laptop case and it seems to work - it's a tiny mic with an alligator clip made of black plastic (detachable from this). and it does improve voice quality.
posted by By the Grace of God 23 March | 10:19
further update: I installed the driver (which is available online) and the Vista recognised the device, but still doesn't see it on the file-tree.
posted by By the Grace of God 23 March | 10:38
further update: found software!
posted by By the Grace of God 23 March | 10:52
Aw, you found it alerady? I was going to be a smart ass and recommend Mr. Microphone.
posted by getoffmylawn 23 March | 10:59
Yep. The software is easily google-able and is a bit difficult to install, but it's out there.
posted by By the Grace of God 23 March | 11:08
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