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19 March 2007

So 2005... when was the last time we had a rollcall? Frankly My friends I don't remember the last.time.
I got a friend invite from a certain someone that brought me back to the site. It seems like they've been busy while I was out.

If you're not into the rollcall thingy, here's a question: what site or service have you recently rediscovered?
posted by safetyfork 19 March | 05:10
OpenId is looking like something cool and is growing all the time, so I've grabbed a couple of logins for that.

I've swapped my account for a ma.gnolia one as it supports OpenId, it looks much, much nicer, there's groups, the ability to make links private and more. Migrating content is really easy - just export an XML file of all your stuff and import it into ma.gnolia.
posted by TheDonF 19 March | 06:17
Six cool things you can build with openId. I'll stop now.
posted by TheDonF 19 March | 08:01
There's a metachat group at I thought we had a wiki page with a list of members on it, but I can't find it right now. I thought there was a soulseek member list on the wiki too.

/self-confessed wikidiot
posted by iconomy 19 March | 08:01
Following on from TheDonF, I like Onlywire - it lets you simultaneously bookmark links to and ma.gnolia (plus about a squillion other social bookmarking sites) so you can take advantage of the best features of both, and keep a rolling backup if one service screws up.

(As for, it's never seemed that useful to me, as 'stuff I listen to with iTunes' is such a tiny format-specific subset of music - someone needs to invent a magic box that does the same thing for records, CDs and tapes!)
posted by jack_mo 19 March | 08:19
Last time I checked, there were a hundred and some folks in the Mecha group. I was shocked. (I'm '
kookbox' on there.)

(ico, both of the wiki pages you're looking for are linked to from the Mecha Music page.)
posted by box 19 March | 08:28
Thanks, box!
posted by iconomy 19 March | 08:57
Matt has thought about openid for mefi, but has some reservations. It's a neat concept but not without problems.
posted by justgary 19 March | 10:40
I'm armsvslegs on there. If you thought for some reason I was a metalhead, please go to my page and you'll see you're wrong.
posted by Hellbient 19 March | 14:52
Cool. I thought of the wiki page about 3 hours later while sitting around waiting for my name to be called. Thanks for the other ideas, too.
posted by safetyfork 19 March | 17:00
Yeah, I started using at work because I didn't feel like lugging my CDs back and forth every day, and I can't afford an mp3 player. I take full blame.
posted by Eideteker 19 March | 17:00
Ooh, maybe a little safetyfork radio will give me energy, i am liking hot snakes.
posted by ethylene 19 March | 17:06
This is moored outside our office. || Ha! Serves you right. Why should we be the only ones to suffer.