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07 March 2007

"The Gay Agenda." It always makes me laugh. You know, I can actually understand -- even if it's so not my thing -- people being anti-abortion, anti-gun legislation, pro-war, pro-Jesus, whatever; I can understand people taking those arguments seriously. But "the gay agenda" is still comical to me -- it's just goofy, it makes me think of gay people chasing elderly straight ladies down the street and forcing them to be fabulous and listen to the opera. Or something. Do you have a catchphrase that you simply cannot take seriously?
"Culture War"
posted by Lentrohamsanin 07 March | 18:46
Kind of related to your, matteo: "protecting marriage"
posted by BoringPostcards 07 March | 18:48
"conventional wisdom"
"right sizing"
"work life balance"

No, I'm not bitter about anything at work right now. Really.
posted by FlamingBore 07 March | 18:52
posted by matthewr 07 March | 19:09
"designated hitter"
"light beer"
"veggie burger"
posted by jonmc 07 March | 19:14
Arab Anti-Semitism
posted by small_ruminant 07 March | 19:20
The Gay Agenda

posted by WolfDaddy 07 March | 19:26
"war on terror"

And let's not forget the workplace...
"going forward"
posted by bmarkey 07 March | 19:27
"I'm just sayin'"

that phrase just bugs the everliving hell out of me
posted by edgeways 07 March | 19:41
"It's all good" makes me want to stab a fork in my eye.
posted by Specklet 07 March | 19:44
"fairly certain" isn't
"hip hop" isn't hip, and doesn't hop
"old skool" didn't teach spelling
"evangelical mission"
"leading edge design" never, ever is
posted by paulsc 07 March | 19:48
does "same difference" fit into this? Because I hate that.
posted by puke & cry 07 March | 19:50
wolfdaddy -- what, no GYM????
posted by matteo 07 March | 19:51
Not a catch phrase, but "I could care less" drives me batty.

Couldn't, people. COULDN'T.
posted by mudpuppie 07 March | 19:53
posted by cmonkey 07 March | 20:07
That gay agenda thing cracks my ass up every time.

Some gay folks 'round here wanted to start up a gay neighborhood group and referred to it as the "gayborhood". When I first heard that I burst out laughing because "gayborhood" is such a funny word. I think I offended the person telling me about it though.
posted by sciurus 07 March | 20:09
If it qualifies to be called a "catchphrase", I can't take it seriously.

And if the gays want to take over, I say, let 'em. They can't do a worse job, and at least things would be more colorful.
posted by wendell 07 March | 20:58
"hip hop" isn't hip, and doesn't hop are a few I don't like:
"I can't understand what he's saying!"
"That's not singing, he's just talking!"
"Damn nigger music!"
posted by mullacc 07 March | 21:07
I hate when people say the word, "Right" after a declarative statement is made. GOD, drives me insane.

I also hate, "I'm trying the best I can." Or, "I'm doing the best I know how."
posted by LoriFLA 07 March | 21:11
Not a catch phrase, but "I could care less" drives me batty.

Couldn't, people. COULDN'T.

posted by youngergirl44 07 March | 21:16
"Can you borrow me a scissor" instead of "Could I borrow a pair of scissors" or "Could you lend me a pair of scissors"
posted by youngergirl44 07 March | 21:17
... pancakes ...
posted by mischief 07 March | 21:18
I hate when people say the word, "Right" after a declarative statement is made.

Not the 10-4!, Aye Aye Captain! "Right", but the mealy mouthed, valley girl, dipshit "right" used to agree.
posted by LoriFLA 07 March | 21:24
I know, right?
posted by eamondaly 07 March | 21:44
yeah, that eamondaly. You explained it much better.
posted by LoriFLA 07 March | 21:46
"P.C." as a generic putdown of lazy librul catchphrases, even though the term itself was coined by progressives as a way of making fun of "vertically challenged," "waitstaff," etc.etc.

On the other hand, phrases like "intelligent design," "right to life," and "defense of marriage" are pithy, straight-shooting, and reflective of reality, right?
posted by rob511 08 March | 01:42
"Can you borrow me a scissor" instead of "Could I borrow a pair of scissors" or "Could you lend me a pair of scissors"

You're making this one up, right? Not just one idiot out there saying "borrow me a [whatever]", but several?
posted by cmonkey 08 March | 04:42
I think the word "lifestyle" itself is just so vague and open-ended as to have no real meaning.

The use of passive voice when not using it would make things much clearer.

Using the word "invest" when it is not appropriate, e.g. "I'm going to invest in a new pair of speakers this weekend." No, that's not an investment, it's a purchase. There's a difference. Using "invest" just means you're trying to make it seem less irresponsible.
posted by deadcowdan 08 March | 06:48
"The Gay Agenda." I imagine a concerted effort by the Oklahoma chamber of commerce to bill their state as a gay paradise and a destination for same-sex couples with a national media blitz headlining "Oklahomo!"

Not a catchphrase, but when folks use "utilize" instead of using "use," I think they're either stupid parrots or slaves to fashion. But then again, I never understood why sports- and newscasters were called "commentators" and not "commenters."

In Japanese, more and more, you hear adults saying shit like, "Iii, naa," "Choo kakkee, naa," and you wonder if they're doing it ironically, but then you hear them enough and you realize they say that shit all the time. Are they imitating their kids? They sound like junior high schoolers. But who am I to comment on that? Giant red-haired barbarian, reeking of butter, I show up in the harbor with a few black ships and think I run the world.
posted by Hugh Janus 08 March | 08:56
I can't believe no one's linked to this yet.
posted by mrmoonpie 08 March | 11:36
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