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20 February 2007

America, Day Four Well, we got in to Destin last night, too late for me to post anything (Sheesh!) about Day Three...I'll tiredly try to recap inside.[More:]So...we woke up in Memphis on Sunday morning, ready to go to Stax when it opened at 10:00 and try to get going. Of course, it didn't go as smoothly as all that, so we ended up leaving Memphis after 2:00pm, and deciding to skip Tupelo in order to save some time. I'll tell you, as cool as Stax was, you are in a building that has been built to look like the original, whereas when you go to Sun Records, man, you are standing on the same floor, looking at the same tiles that Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash stood on. WAY COOLER. If you are ever in Memphis on a short time line, skip anything but Sun Records.

We drove south to Jackson, MS (With Adam continually calling me a "big talking man"). Then from Jackson, east to Meridian, and then south to Mobile, Alabama. We ate in Meridian, and the waitress was cute as heck, and that was fun. The drive south from Meridian to Mobile was on some pretty small highways, and I saw the first of many backwoods karaoke bars. I wondered aloud what it must be like, and Adam answered, "Probably pretty fighty". I suspect he might be right.

Anyway, we got in to Destin about 12:30 am or so, and said hello to our Ma, prior to trying to get some sleep. We woke this morning, too early, and Adam's gone for a nap. Saw a pelican fly by the balcony. Lots and lots of OLD people.

So far that's about it for day four. I hope to find a nice ol' liquor store and re-fucking-lax for a couple of days, before we do this same insanity northward.
"Look out Jackson Town"
posted by Otis 20 February | 15:34
I love that version, even if I really never have managed to acquire a taste for June's voice.
posted by richat 20 February | 15:56
richat, I'm glad you made it safely. I remember seeing your question on AskMe about your road trip. It sounds great so far. Have a great time in Destin.
posted by LoriFLA 20 February | 20:02
Heh. That's on my ipod.

Yeah, rest up, richat. I didn't realize you would have a rest day! Get an early start and give a me a shout.
posted by rainbaby 20 February | 21:46
Chicago Meetup Reminder: Thursday, 7:00 p.m. || Oh dear God, no ...