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19 February 2007

omg, I'm home. Feeling so happysad, in so many ways. [More:]

We arrived this morning (Monday here) at 5:30 a.m. after taking the overnight sleeper train from Athens and I'm so happy not to be a house guest anymore, though our lovely friend in Athens is so laid back and cool that she makes it really comfortable and relaxed. So happy the cab driver who brought us home told us a story about falling into the sea from his fishing boat yesterday while trying to "unstick" an octopus off a rock that it had clung onto after being caught. There he was in his big boots and heavy coat (the cab driver, not the octopus), swimming in the sea in February... but as you see, it all turned out okay, if he doesn't catch pneumonia. The cab drivers in Athens are assholes, and never tell stories about falling in the sea in pursuit of an octopus. :)

So happy to see you all here! I haven't been able to check in so often during the last couple of weeks, and it really was so cheery and uplifting to get home, brew up my own coffee on my own stove, crank up my own computer, and see all your shining faces [METAPHOR] on the metachat.

So happy we found what promises to be a great place in a great spot in Athens, but so so sad to be losing this great place in a great, great spot in Thessaloniki. So sad I won't be a citizen (well, "resident alien" to be more accurate) of this excellent city any more. So happy my husband and I are finally living together again, so sad that he starts another project in April, which will mean another two-month separation (gah!), but so happy that it's on the island of Nisyros (pix, pix), and I will go there for... well... probably as long as I can stand to be without regular internet.

Tell me about your happysads?
We flushed the gator down the toilet, but it got stuck, and now we have to feed it.
posted by interrobang 19 February | 00:53
hee! I bet he's a really pottymouth.
posted by taz 19 February | 00:59
Hey kid. Glad you're home and wishing you well in your new home. No happys just sads so I won't spread the blah.
posted by arse_hat 19 February | 01:05
Happily, i just spotted the mystery pooper, sadly, i found mystery poop yet again.
Happily, i have remade a seemingly adequate batch of pizza dough, sadly, i cannot stuff my face right now to find out if it has worked properly.
Happily, some things are ticking along nicely, sadly, i have so much more to do.

Taz, can't you bequeath the place to someone who deserves it? It's always nice to pass a good place on to good people.
posted by ethylene 19 February | 01:13
We're trying to work that out now, eth. There's somebody that my husband has had some business with who keeps calling us about the place, but I hate him. Well, very strongly dislike. Boo. :(
posted by taz 19 February | 01:22
Welcome home to the metaphor on the metachat!

Happy I'm leaving this apartment. Sad I have to pack to do it. So happy that the moment I thought, "Why can't I find packing boxes???" I spotted a bunch left on the street, already twined up for easy carting away. Sad that the packing is making the cat panic and sad that I'm unsure how to comfort her. Happy that I'm suddenly not sad about no longer having my own place, and happy about the guy that's making that true. Happysad about trying to pack, move, unpack, and have two interviews all in the next week and a half. Happy happy happy about being in San Francisco, a city I so very much love.
posted by occhiblu 19 February | 01:23
How exciting, occhiblu!
posted by halonine 19 February | 01:51
What happened to the octopus, taz?
posted by essexjan 19 February | 02:16
The octopus escaped certain doom. :)
posted by taz 19 February | 02:18
Happy Sad
posted by TheDonF 19 February | 03:00
What does your husband do for a living that he gets to do it on pretty greek islands? :)
posted by By the Grace of God 19 February | 03:13
How long with the moving, taz? When does the actual move happen and when are you all hooked up and online again?
Nice to have you back.
posted by ethylene 19 February | 03:26
Happy that a friend now has her ticket to spend a week in Berlin with me. Sad that I'll only be staying for a month. Glad you're back, taz!
posted by cmonkey 19 February | 03:45
grace, he's a sound man for video, tv, film, etc. He'll be shooting a film on the island.

Eth, we're moving at the end of march/beginning of april. Not sure how long it will take me to get online once we're there. It'll be priority one! :)
posted by taz 19 February | 04:21
I'm going to the Midwest later this week. (Sad, don't like the Midwest.) But I'm going for my grandma's 90th birthday. (Happy.) That's good and bad. She's my favoritest person ever (happy), but some of my cousins are assholes, and I will see them. (Sad.) Also, last week I had a big, huge, horrible fight with my brother about whether he was going to the birthday party. (Sad.) As a result, I think that he and I won't be speaking for quite a long time. (Sadder, and mad.) But I know I didn't do anything wrong (happy) and that I just have to endure it (sad).

But I get to see cool Metachat people in Chicago (happy), and that's always good.

Also, this game makes me dizzy (sad).

On a side note, an old friend of mine has an article in this week's NYT magazine. She's the reason I don't write for a living, because she's too fucking good at it. That's a long story, and not worth telling. But you should read the article anyway. Don't worry about me. (Sad/Happy.)
posted by mudpuppie 19 February | 04:33
Sad that I didn't get home to Ireland last week: Happy that instead we went to Tuscany and had perfect sunshine for Pisa, Carrara, Florence, Siena, Montereggione, San Gemigniano, Volterra, swoon! What a place...sad that it is back to work...oh well it pays the bills.
posted by Wilder 19 February | 05:47
Yay Taz! Most of mine are happys.
1. This week I meet again with the PR/marketing peeps to see what they've cooked up for me.
2. I had a really good conversation with a referral service in Irvine last Friday afternoon that will likely lead to interesting collaborations together.
3. I joined Second Life this weekend.
4. We watched about 20 episodes of The Office since last Wednesday & we're still chuckling.
posted by chewatadistance 19 February | 08:10
Happy that the pizza has worked out well enough to fix the recipe, sad that i probably won't get an answer to the question after it and feel a little bloated from the pizza yet want to eat more of it.
posted by ethylene 19 February | 08:15
I'm happy because I just had a checkup with the periodontist and she is very happy with me. Last year I had to have a lot of painful and unpleasant treatment, which was All My Own Fault because I had not done anything other than perfunctory brushing for far too long, coupled with a pathological terror of dentists. But my gums are healthy and there was only minor descaling required.

But now I'm sad because, after all the scraping, poking and prodding around she did today on my gums my mouth is still a bit sore and the salad I've just made is probably a bit too crunchy.

I'm happy too because I went into SpaceNK in Loughton today. I haven't been in there since my birthday last May when I had a makeover. At the time I was feeling pretty low as I'd just come out of hospital and the saleswoman was so lovely, she did my makeup really beautifully and didn't pressure me to buy anything. I bought things anyway. If you have ever been in SpaceNK you will understand.

Anyway, the same saleslady who I hadn't seen for 9 months came rushing over to greet me, asking how I was, saying she'd often wondered how I was (when I saw her last year I don't think I'd had the pathology results back on the tumour). She is probably one of the sweetest people I've ever come across in a customer service environment. And I was happy too because she is due to have a baby in a month's time and her happiness at this forthcoming event was infectious.

When I got home I was sad because the cats had broken the cat flap I'd repaired yesterday.

But I'm happy again now because I was able to remove the old cat flap and fit the new one I'd bought yesterday which I didn't think I'd be able to do. So they have a nice new cat door, which should make them happy but probably won't. Only cat treats do that.
posted by essexjan 19 February | 08:31
Welcome to your new home, taz! Now get off the computer and go spend some time with that hunky husband of yours!
posted by jrossi4r 19 February | 09:22
I'm sad and there's nothing I can do about it except endure, but jesus, I don't really understand why I keep fucking my own life & head up in such new and interesting and creative ways. Also, since for the past four years I have actually had some romance in February or March of each year, naturally only for a couple of days before it all comes crashing down in smoking ruins around my head, I think I'll spend next February and March hiding deep below the surface of the earth. In the silver linings department though, I'm rapidly losing weight.
posted by mygothlaundry 19 February | 10:35
Sad that I am on the road once more, for the second time in two weeks (Mount Isa last week, Weipa this week) and already have two more trips away planned (Atherton next month, Adelaide the following month). Happy to be on the road again ahd seeing something other than the same things every single fucking day. Amazed once again at the sheer size of this country that I am travelling from half-way up it to within a few hundred kilometres of the very tip and it will take me all fucking day to fly from there to there (I am currently in the middle). Sad that I will not be within 1,000 kilometres of mobile phone coverage, just when I need to spend lots of time on the phone organising quotes for concrete for the house.
posted by dg 20 February | 00:28
Anyone here live in or have lived in Olympia WA? || Travel literature & movies?