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22 December 2006

A little Merry Christmas gift from taz and me to bunnies everywhere: super-groovy gift tags! Just print them out on card stock, and then either tape them to gifts, or punch holes in them and tie them on. I would like the pink bunny on my present, please. Thank you! (pdf)
I just sent off all my stuff yesterday. . .but thank you.
posted by danf 22 December | 12:48
I'm a bit confused. Did you two make them?
posted by danostuporstar 22 December | 12:58
Yes, we made them. For you. You! Ungrateful wretch.

*bursts into tears, runs into bedroom, locks door*
posted by taz 22 December | 13:01
we really did make them.
posted by taz 22 December | 13:02
I LOVE the water skiing santa! Thank you!
posted by getoffmylawn 22 December | 13:03
I do love them, especially "dig those crazy elves". I don't think there's anyone on my list twisted enough for the bird in a meat grinder one though.

I was just confused.
posted by danostuporstar 22 December | 13:06
Thank you, taz and iconomy. They are lovely!
posted by rainbaby 22 December | 13:09
Fantastic! Thanks so much, I heart yous!
posted by pieisexactlythree 22 December | 13:12
Well now I'm going to have to download Adobe so I can see 'em.
posted by jrossi4r 22 December | 13:14
LOL! Oh, dano, I do love you. That's not really a bird in a meat grinder, but from now on, let's just say it is - it's much more fun that way!

That one is actually from a real vintage ornament - I think it's supposed to be a melting snowman, and there's a bird on his head.
posted by taz 22 December | 13:17
Thank you! These are awesome. *kisses taz and iconomy*
posted by gaspode 22 December | 13:18
jrossi, don't download for the funny gruesome gift cards... they are actually pretty niceynicey. Though gruesome is a fantastic idea for next year. :)
posted by taz 22 December | 13:21
Just to clarify,we didn't draw the illustratons.

We stole them.

But we did have the wherewithall to take those stolen images and turn them into gift tags! For you!
posted by iconomy 22 December | 13:21

Of the ones I did, three are vintage ornaments found on the tubes, and the superanimatedsuperhappy bunny was on ebay.
posted by taz 22 December | 13:38
I'm just joshin'.

I found mine on eBay too - from a woman who sells vintage Christmas cards. Two I scanned from Christmas cards I have at home.

Um I love eBay. So much.
posted by iconomy 22 December | 13:41
These are just beautiful. taz and ico, THANKS!!
posted by BoringPostcards 22 December | 13:50
Those are great tags! Thanks, iconomy and taz!
posted by deborah 22 December | 14:53
iconomy, taz, you are a couple of crazy elves! thang que...
posted by wendell 22 December | 15:25
Lou Reed performed "Berlin" in its entirety || Impossible world