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13 December 2006

I just got back from the DumbCo Holiday party. There was dancing and drinking and pole dancing and, for some strange reason She-Ra projected on the wall. Joe famous can really cut a rug. [More:] I also got a snap of Urinal Talker dancing with abandon with someone who is not his wife. On the other hand I managed to accidentally bump into the guy in charge of my department (and layoffs) and make him spill his drink down his shirt. A fun night, all in all.
My office party does not feature pole dancing.

Thank you, God.
posted by Miko 13 December | 23:51
My husband's christmas party had dancing and karaoke. One of the guys got up and "sang" Helen Reddy's I Am Woman.

It was scary.
posted by bunnyfire 14 December | 06:07
My office party does not feature pole dancing.
Seconded. I
posted by iconomy 14 December | 06:36
aw, man. One of the worst things about not working a regular job is missing the human petri dish that is the office xmas party. It's sad, really.
posted by taz 14 December | 06:46
Man I might actually pony up the cash to go to my christmas party if there was pole dancing.
posted by Mitheral 14 December | 10:06
I once wore a red and green raver's hat to a Christmas Party and all night the older partners at the firm kept giving me drink orders because they thought I was with the hotel that was hosting our party.

"Hey - you look official. Get me a G and T!"

Moral of this story?:
Never Party With Accountants.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 14 December | 10:46
LT, one truly weird thing is that we were all out of the office, and lubed up on free booze, and yet still the various departments still hung out in their separate corners of the room. The suits still drank with the suits, etc.

Also, before the party we had to sit through a half-hour of corporate rah-rah which bore so little resemblance to what I see here that the cognitive dissonance made my head hurt. I'm always amazed at people who can find it in them to give a shit about stuff like this.
posted by jonmc 14 December | 10:51
I had a blast! Best holiday party in a long long time. We needed that.

Now about the pole wasn't required, but there WAS a pole, so some people decided to dance with it. The venue was a trendy club. Guess they couldn't resist.
posted by Joe Famous 14 December | 11:43
Those weren't poles. They were sanitation pipes. Leaky sanitation pipes.

(Glad you guys had fun! : )
posted by Pips 14 December | 16:10
Sometimes a toilet snake doesn't un-clog a toilet. || poop. i thought perhaps it had found it's way back south