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11 December 2006

Sick Christmas Music OK we have John Waters, we have Tiny Tim, I even have an old LP from my childhood of the Chipmunks Xmas, so[More:]does anyone else have any suggestions for truly perverse Christmas albums out there?

I need to show daughter that I am still a sicko.
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posted by jonmc 11 December | 10:58
Now defunct Boston punk band The Showcase Showdown recorded a 7" about a decade ago, side A was "Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh" and side B was "Merry Christmas, I Fucked Your Snowman". You'd probably have a difficult time finding it on vinyl (nb: I haven't searched e-bay for it since I'm about to leave the house), but I've never had a problem finding .mp3's for 'em on SS or like in the past.
posted by ufez 11 December | 11:34
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posted by box 11 December | 11:36
You can't have a Merry Mex-Mas without El Vez!
posted by mrmoonpie 11 December | 11:43
The Cassetteboy Festive Christmas CD is good fun, and definitely sick - especially the bit where Sir Cliff Richard is made to sing about throwing children on a fire.
posted by jack_mo 11 December | 11:47
I dunno who they are, but several of the contemporary artists covering traditional holiday songs for the store soundtracks definitely sound sick this year. The voices are familiar, so I think they are Big Stars(TM), but they just don't match Nat King Cole or even Johnny Mathis (who, while he has a weird warble to his voice, still provides the standard for several holiday songs in my mind).

These new guys make festive sound sad, expectant reverence sounds like dread.
posted by Doohickie 11 December | 12:07
Tom Waits and Peter Murphy did a song together called "Christmas Sucks".

I just found this metal xmas CD. The sample songs on that page are pretty goofy.

Secret Santa (Put your name into a hat/then pull one out maliciously/then swear an oath to do/Beelzebub's work, surreptitiously).

Don't forget SpinalTap's "Christmas with the Devil"
posted by Hellbient 11 December | 12:15
There is a song called "Santa Put the Hurt on You" by Benny Grunch. A New Orleans thing. I have only heard it once, and buying it is out of reach. . it's like in the "Collector" realm as price goes, and I have not found a file on the net with it.

These are great ideas. . .if anyone has not heard some of the John Waters selections, I can put a few up here.
posted by danf 11 December | 12:31
Reggae Christmas (youtube link).
posted by Fuzzy Monster 11 December | 12:45
My favorite, and only Christmas CD, is Horny Holidays by Mojo Nixon.

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posted by eekacat 11 December | 14:07
Well I just ordered: "Merry MeX-Mas" - El Vez and "American Song-Poem Christmas"

Those will go in the shuffle along with the Waters collection, and Tiny Tim.

Thanks for the input!
posted by danf 11 December | 14:28
Must Be Santa by The Billy Nayer Show.
posted by PinkStainlessTail 11 December | 15:02
Is My Christmas card to you by the Partridge Family sick enough?
posted by getoffmylawn 11 December | 15:43
Is My Christmas card to you by the Partridge Family sick enough?

It will seque nicely with Christmas in Jail. . .thanks.
posted by danf 11 December | 16:08
this one is nice

trust me
posted by danf 11 December | 16:24
If you get a chance to see El Vez, take it. It's a great show, and, if you're lucky and determined, you may come home with a pink bunny pinata head, as I did.
posted by mrmoonpie 12 December | 16:00
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