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11 December 2006

Shameless vanity post On December 2nd, my company had its annual Christmas dinner dance. I'm posting pictures of me taken that night not because I think I look good, but because I made my dress and am rather proud of the way it turned out;-) There are other photos taken that night I so wish I could post, including some of my department's diva of a admin assistant dancing salsa with the creepiest of our several creepy VPS, and some of a couple who came in perfectly acceptable attire but then changed after dinner into a sort of Kevin Federline and Britney Spears version of Santa and Mrs. Claus outfits. But I don't dare. Anyway it was a lovely evening and it was such a relief to feel a world away from all the real estate drama and moving crap. I entirely forgot that I'd spent the morning scrubbing floors at my new place.
That dress is stunning Orange Swan.
posted by essexjan 11 December | 15:46
Hubba hubba!

Seriously, nicely made. I am envious of your talents.
posted by eekacat 11 December | 15:46
Thank you for sharing. . now, about this alleged house of yours. . .when can we see?

(it's a great dress. . .I 'magine you turned a head or two)
posted by danf 11 December | 15:49
Cool dress.

I'm guessing it was a formal party. Our annual one can get weird. Pretty much everybody shows up in what they wore to work, but last year a lot of people decked themselves out as if it were the social event of the season, making the combination of glitz and grunge pretty jarring.

also "creepy VP" is fun to say.
posted by jonmc 11 December | 15:50
It is a formal event. It's held at a nice hotel downtown, and although the men just wear suits the women dress to the teeth. Although so many, many women come in basic black dresses.

I've taken (film) pictures of my house and will be posting within the next few weeks.
posted by Orange Swan 11 December | 15:57
Wow! I'm impressed! And you look fabulous!
posted by Specklet 11 December | 15:59
That is one good-looking dress.
posted by grouse 11 December | 16:22
The cool thing about it is that I can wear the satin underdress just by itself and it looks like a completely different outfit. I really hope I get a chance to wear it again soon.
posted by Orange Swan 11 December | 16:29
Difficult to tell whether you are flattering the dress or vice versa. Best to say it is a mutually beneficial relationship.
posted by Wolfdog 11 December | 16:30
Awesome. As someone who has difficulty merely using clothes at the best of times, let alone creating them, this is really impressive.
posted by chrismear 11 December | 16:46
Dizzy Dean once said "It ain't bragging if you can back it up."

Nice dress, OS. And you can back it up.
posted by paulsc 11 December | 16:48
Very nice dress, and it really suits you. Such a great choice of color, too! You've got some talent!
posted by redvixen 11 December | 16:57
Wow - You made that? with the overlay? Which also means you chose colors and fabrics. Yowsa!!! Great color on you and great dress - you must've bowled over several unsuspecting party-goers.
posted by theora55 11 December | 17:03
Which is you?
posted by eamondaly 11 December | 17:23
Oh, wait: I see. The hot one.
posted by eamondaly 11 December | 17:24
Nice : )
Hope this isn't a slam to you as I like her, but you look like Geena Davis could be your sister.
posted by Feisty 11 December | 17:36
Is wowyzowy a word?
posted by freudianslipper 11 December | 18:18
Gorgeous dress, Orange Swan, you done did good.
posted by deborah 11 December | 19:29
posted by jrossi4r 11 December | 22:25
I 'magine you turned a head or two

Mine, for instance. ;- )

A nice dress in that it really doesn't reveal as much as a guy thinks it does at first glance (does that make sense?)

It looks very nice on you.
posted by Doohickie 12 December | 00:44
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