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04 December 2006

Stupid Firefox 2.0! Questions: [More:]

Since upgrading to FF2, I have two very annoying problems.

1) Every time I close and re-open firefox, the built-in Google toolbar reappears. This isn't Google's toolbar, but the one that comes with Firefox. (Know what I mean?) I right-click on the toolbar, deselect it, and it goes away -- for the session. But every time I restart Firefox, it returns.

How can I keep it from coming back? I don't need two Google toolbars, and I like Google's official one much better.

2) And speaking of Google's official toolbar, I've deselected the option for "Save the search history across browser sessions." (Um, because I don't always like to be reminded of what I searched for the night before.) Yet it still saves the search history across browser sessions, and my search history is available until I specifically select "Clear search history" from the drop-down menu. This cannot be. I do not like it.

Any advice for either problem?


Sorry, no help here. My FF 2.0 problem is that, on a new page, the first link I click just scrolls me back to the top of the page instead of through to the link. It is annoying!
posted by fenriq 04 December | 21:22
My FF2.0 problem is that after I've had "too many" (what that number is exactly, I don't know) browser windows/tabs open, I can no longer type in any text field, including the address bar.
posted by me3dia 04 December | 22:01
me3dia, I get that one too, it is incredibly annoying.
posted by fenriq 05 December | 00:36
Solved the scrolling thing, F7 turns caret browsing (whatever that is) on and off.
posted by fenriq 05 December | 01:13
I have the same questions. pups, and it drives me crazy. If you ever find out let me know! I will do the same.
posted by carmina 05 December | 01:33
To get rid of the search bar, you need to add something like this to your userChrome.css file

#search-container, #searchbar {
display:none !important;

On OS X, userChrome.css is in ~/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/g57e5m01.default/chrome/ (except the g57e5m01 bit will be some different random numbers and letters.) Dunno where it lives on Windows.

Also, you'll probably need to rename the file from userChrome-example.css to userChrome.css if you've never done this sort of tinkering before.
posted by jack_mo 05 December | 07:46
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