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27 November 2006

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY It's the South Bay MeFi/MeCha Meetup! This Friday (December 1st) at 7:30, the Tied House in Mountain View.

Come on, you know you want to.
Btw, scrump has generously agreed to purchase me a roundtrip plane ticket. First class.

And by has, I mean should.
posted by cortex 27 November | 18:58
You know, I do want to -- I was born in Mountain View, and would love to see it again. Alas, I'm 3 timezones away and short on cash, and apparently cortex is getting the free ticket.
posted by JanetLand 27 November | 20:27
cortex, that's only if you promised to put out, and you were only willing to commit to foolin' around in the front seat last time we talked.

Granted, that'll get you a bus ticket, but THINK BIG, man!
posted by scrump 27 November | 20:42
I'm just going to say this for the record: Southwest Airlines tells me that a one-way ticket from PDX to SJC is $69.

Now, if we all chip in...

I'm just sayin'
posted by scrump 27 November | 20:46
Oh, I think big. I think fucking huge. My ambitions have their own goddam zipcode. I have to pay for an extra zone if I want to take the bus to my thinking.

Mammoth thinking, over here.
posted by cortex 27 November | 20:47
You're "just sayin'" what? That cortex can come for a 69-ner?
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 27 November | 20:48
I'm saying, be careful what you wish for.
posted by scrump 27 November | 21:14
holy christballs
posted by ethylene 27 November | 21:28
heh, matt almost literally owns him
or at least his container space
his avi as it were
posted by ethylene 27 November | 21:32
Hey, cortex gets a free trip!
posted by cmonkey 27 November | 21:36
what, no sing for his supper?
gimme five bucks
posted by ethylene 27 November | 21:44
fuck that. i want an ipod. all the kids have ipods.
or a [deleted]

do you have to ride his pony?

posted by ethylene 27 November | 21:47
posted by deborah 27 November | 23:45
I still can't freakin' believe this.
posted by cortex 28 November | 00:50
I can't believe it, and it's mostly my fault.

But you're all coming to the Meetup, right? RIGHT? DAMN RIGHT YOU ARE.
posted by scrump 28 November | 02:41
Guess where I'm going? || Guess the caption