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20 November 2006

I'm putting in my two weeks notice in ten minutes! [More:]On Thursday I was offered two jobs. One in NYC and one in Cleveland. I took the Cleveland job, after much discernment during the weekend. It will let me upgrade my lifestyle [and start saving money for a change!], whereas the NYC gig would have been a lateral move.

I will miss all of the future excitement I could have had with you NYC Mechazens though.

I've got new job though!
Huge congrats Sciurus! Way to go!
posted by richat 20 November | 12:26
Yay! Right on, man.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 20 November | 12:27
It is a huge load off to be leaving my curent shitgig. I've not been this lighthearted [my natural state] in quite a long time.
posted by sciurus 20 November | 12:29
Glad you found a job that doesn't involve moving!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 November | 12:31
Congrats, sciurus! And how cool that you're in a position to turn down job offers!
posted by gaspode 20 November | 12:32
Yay. Well done scirius.
posted by essexjan 20 November | 12:32
Congratulations! I put in my notice three weeks ago and am enjoying my first full business day unemployed. Woohoo!
posted by Captaintripps 20 November | 12:33
Congrats sciurius! : )
posted by sisterhavana 20 November | 12:35
Cleveland? Over New York?

Well, I did survive Cinci for five years. Enjoy the new gig!
posted by Pips 20 November | 12:40
posted by occhiblu 20 November | 12:42
Yay! Happy birthday job notice!
posted by Specklet 20 November | 12:43
The only things Cincinnati has going for it are that vile chili and Scribble Jam.

But Cleveland's awesome. Congratulations, sciurus!
posted by box 20 November | 12:43
Schweet :)
posted by TheDonF 20 November | 12:45
Congrats and Happy Birthday!
posted by rainbaby 20 November | 12:46
Yes, box, Cinci chili is vile (though, if you think of it as moussaka, it's not so bad); but we did have steamboat races. That was cool.

In any case, NYC's loss is Cleveland's continued boon!
posted by Pips 20 November | 12:58
Woo hoo!
posted by deborah 20 November | 14:04
w00t and mazel tov! Cleveland needs your ducats/vote far more than NYC does anyway.

How'd the notice-giving go?
posted by By the Grace of God 20 November | 14:14
Boss was sad for her but happy for me and let me keep the beer she got me for my birthday.
posted by sciurus 20 November | 14:23
yay sciurus!!! congratulations on the job-i-fication!

/regional food derail:

pips I won't get into it with the mechazens about cincinnati chili. imo it's the only thing to recommend the joint and I lived over-the-rhine for a number of years. I have a great recipe and every time I make it for a potluck the reactions from the CO neophytes are as follows:

1) wrinkled nose
2) squiggle-eyed incredulous look
3) reluctant sample
4) dawning blissful expression
5) 'omyGODthat's AWESOME!!!' or similar comment
6) feeding frenzy

in the six years I've been here, I've learned that if I'm to get any of my own batch, I need to hold some back from the potluck. I never, ever end up bringing any home. Ever.

chile verde local style... man that's some good stuff. I didn't have a clue about it til I moved to Colorado.

believe it or not (I know this is hard to fathom) but Cincy actually had way better Chinese/Thai food. Boulder gets the prize for Worst. Chinese Food. Ever. in that regard. the scary part is that there are a couple of unbeatable sushi places here - one really, really nice one actually just opened up in an otherwise unremarkable strip mall 2 blocks from my front door. *boggle*
posted by lonefrontranger 20 November | 15:32
Rock on, sciurus!
posted by jrossi4r 20 November | 15:46
(I love cincinnati chili, lfr)
posted by gaspode 20 November | 16:06
w00t! I'd pick Cleveland over NYC in a second. You made the right move.
posted by Doohickie 20 November | 16:17
Great news! Congrats!
posted by redvixen 20 November | 19:34
Does Amoxicillin make anyone else all itchy? || OMG Nina Ramsby!