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15 October 2006

so I am watching Die Hard And there is something that has always bugged me about the start of the movie.

So John is looking for Holly and the guy behind the desk tells him to use the computer to find her. So he does. And finds her under her maiden name. He comments that she is on the 30th floor and the guy behind the desk says that there is a party and they are the only ones left in the building. So why didn't the guy just say that everyone left would be on the 30th floor to begin with? I realize that scene was just there so he could see that she was using her maiden name, but still.
Because he didn't know that Holly was necessarily still in the building, and thus on the 30th floor. For all he knew, John was looking for someone from the typing pool on the 8th floor.
posted by dersins 15 October | 19:08
posted by Specklet 15 October | 19:11
Wow, now I want to watch Die Hard.
posted by mike9322 15 October | 19:12
ha ha fucking snape as hans and a limo driver named argyle all set to presto of beethoven's 9th this movie fucking rules.

/really though, the point also was to show how high-tech the nakatomi tower was, with its super-l33t 'omg look at that teeny computer' directory in the lobby, back when something like this was totally opulent and luxurious.
posted by scala di seta 15 October | 19:19
Great movie... that one and Lethal Weapon are a great double bill...

Come out to the coast, we'll have a few laughs...
posted by Pips 15 October | 19:19
Probably because it's just a movie. AN AWESOME MOVIE!
posted by court siem 15 October | 19:35
Never have seen it. But saw and enjoyed the clip of a woman telling him the number he had dialled was for emergency calls only (while things blew up in the background) and he says "DO I SOUND LIKE I'M ORDERING A FUCKING PIZZA, LADY?"
posted by Orange Swan 15 October | 20:50
Dear weretable,

Hi. How are you? I am fine.


posted by SassHat 15 October | 21:09
Until Bruce Willis gets pulled over for drunk driving and starts spewing hate talk, his movies are awesome. And even then it'll probably be funny rather than horrible. Willis' range is pretty impressive for a pudgy balding guy.

Sad to say, I can't watch Mel Gibson, Arnold, or Tom Cruise movies anymore. I just can't support the utter asshats behind the star.
posted by fenriq 15 October | 21:48
that one and Lethal Weapon are a great double bill

Not only that, they're both Christmas movies!

Whenever I see Die Hard, I get a little bummed that Clarence Gilyard, who was so much fun as Theo, ended up being a sidekick on Matlock and Walker: Texas Ranger.

I just hope Live Free or Die Hard sucks less than Rambo VI and Rocky Balboa.
posted by kirkaracha 15 October | 23:23
Die Hard is one of the very few perfect action movies. And the villain one of the very few perfect action movie villains.

The only objection I have ever had about the film was that the villain didn't immediately shoot Willis when Willis walked in with his hands up and the gun taped to his back. This villain had heretofore been one of the most professional and pragmatic villains ever, and I just can't see that personality doing anything other than immediately shooting Willis and getting the hell out of Dodge.
posted by kmellis 16 October | 00:42
Yippee-ki-yay motherfucker!
posted by sciurus 16 October | 07:00
What would you call your magnum o-porn-us? || I been gypped!