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09 October 2006

Greetings from the El Timico Ranch! [More:]
Okay, maybe you've been wondering where LT is laterly. Or maybe you ain't. Anyhow, this post is just to say that I up and split Seattle to go live with Miko in gorgeous New England, for we are in love and life is bliss and stuff.

You know. You've been in love before. It's like that, only it's me and it's Miko, not like you and yours. (I've heard stories.)

Anyway, so yeah. LT and Miko. An item. Like pork n' beans, Black and Tans, Sugar n' Spice.

Enjoy the pictures. Oh, and Taz, Dodgy? I should put your kids through school for the beauty you two have brought me from this channel. Just sayin'.
Yep; the rumors are true. Though to some this might seem kinda wild and sudden, it wasn't. Today's post is the fruit borne of eight thoughtful important months in both of our lives; all made possible by meeting and talking here on MetaChat; but that was just the springboard. Won't bore you with the details, but I don't really think I've ever been happier, or more looked forward to the days ahead.

So, if LT doesn't die of Quaint Rot as we explore the apple-fresh, hayseed, sparkly harvest of a New England fall, we'll be doin' fine, loggin' in and out from the Rancho communications system, here. We'll keep you posted and tell you when you can tune in to his live-radio DJ sets.

And thanks all for the well wishes, wry winks, and patience with the occasional obvious flirtation. Bunnies are the best.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 09 October | 21:52
[Wait...DUH....that was me. Miko. Above. Yeah. Miko. Not LT. This is gonna take some practice.]
posted by Lipstick Thespian 09 October | 21:53
You crazy kids.

Yay! Y'all look really happy.
posted by gaspode 09 October | 22:00
Ok, I just need to get my shit in order and then I'm riding up to see you kids one weekend before it starts snowing. Because that whole photoset looks like a good excuse for a motorcycle trip.
posted by Eideteker 09 October | 22:04
Wicked pissah!
posted by jessamyn 09 October | 22:05
As usual, I knew way before everyone else, and was just biding my time.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 October | 22:44
Awwww ain't that cute, they'se so in love they forget to log out! heh j/k

Wow, you're soooooo far away now. You look really small from here.
posted by Zack_Replica 09 October | 22:46
Man, I forgot how beautiful New England was.

/having real estate envy this week
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 October | 22:48
Finally! Yay! I love happy endings beginnings.
posted by wimpdork 09 October | 23:04
Heh. I was thisclose to posting as ikkyu2.

In my own voice, I will say: Awwwwwwww. Y'all look happy and radiant, and also happy. Congratulations.
posted by occhiblu 09 October | 23:05
Seriously, I was just about to post something about "Hey, has LT arrived yet? How's he doing? When's his first day on the air?"

LT, I remember when you were going out to visit, and I asked matter-of-factly whether you were going to see Miko, because what reasonable person would go to NH without stopping to see Miko? and you got all evasive and funny, and I thought hmmm, something's up.

Glad to see you two beaming like that.
posted by tangerine 10 October | 01:04
Wait, something's up??? What's going on here??????
posted by mudpuppie 10 October | 01:07
Yaaaayy! Good News!

This pleases me. Although I'll have to downgrade my Miko crush now.
* shakes fist at LT, and then shakes his hand in a manly way *
posted by seanyboy 10 October | 01:21
Blessings on you two. Bunniez in luurrrve makes the metachat happy.
posted by taz 10 October | 01:22
Also, you should use different browsers for posting to metachat. Not the most subtle solution, but effective.
posted by seanyboy 10 October | 01:46
w00t to both of you! Yay internet romance!
posted by By the Grace of God 10 October | 05:27
Awww!! Congrats, my frineds! :)
posted by BoringPostcards 10 October | 06:09
Yaaaay! I love hearing happy stories.

Somebody write a happy story with me in it. Please.
posted by essexjan 10 October | 06:19
/tackles LT

Heh...good on you two. All the best!
posted by richat 10 October | 06:32
There aren't enough exclamation points in the world. How sneaky! (in a good, "what a delightful yet surprising event" sort of way)
posted by muddgirl 10 October | 07:27
Holy crap. How out of the loop am I?

Congrats to you both.
posted by mike9322 10 October | 09:02
Bunny hookups are running rampant! Now there is no excuse for you crazy kids not to come down to NYC for a visit! *shakes fist*


mike9322: It's because we are both in the throes of non-bunny passion. This explains why neither of us are around as often anymore to know of these sorts of things.

And before you ask, no, I'm not going to invite my boyfriend to join MeCha. ^_^
posted by TrishaLynn 10 October | 09:48
Wait!. . .no one asked MY advice on this. . .
posted by danf 10 October | 10:11
Congrats to you both!

*gets all teary with happiness*

You weren't the only one out of the loop, mike.
posted by deborah 10 October | 14:18
What is your advice, danf?
posted by cmonkey 10 October | 14:19
I like the word 'throes'.
posted by mike9322 10 October | 14:20
Hooray! LT and Miko! I'm happy for you, my home-town girl! And yet, I guess this means no more covering LT in tail-fur...but for a really good reason!! Congrats!!
posted by redvixen 10 October | 18:18
Whoah, congratulations, you two!
posted by dg 10 October | 18:37
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