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29 September 2006

BP's going to DC! Following up on this post: I'm going to be in Washington DC from Oct. 2 thru 22! (Staying at this place, which is about 3 blocks from the Capitol bldg.)[More:] I want to plan a meetup with you local bunnies- I'm told I'll probably be working 7 days a week towards the end of my stay, but the first weekend (Oct. 7 & 8) I should be off.

Since I've never been to DC before, who knows a good place we could meet, and that I can reach by taxi or train from the hotel?
Damn, I'm going to be in DC that weekend but will have no availability! Oh, to be so close. I'm sorry that I will miss you, beeps.
posted by mike9322 29 September | 18:21
Well, mike, maybe I'll be wrong about the later weekends... the 22nd is a Sunday, so when the time gets closer maybe we could do something on the 21st. I'm not averse to multiple meets. :)
posted by BoringPostcards 29 September | 19:20
I don't know for sure, but October seems like a good month to be in DC. Have fun!
posted by mischief 29 September | 19:24
hhaay, i just got an offer from someone to take a road trip in October and it's been soooo long

posted by ethylene 29 September | 21:08
So you're going to be GONE the day I'm in hotlanta for the jeopardy tryouts! Drat. Dag. It's cool though, even though I'll miss you, I have like no time that day and so, alas . . . another time! Have fun in DC! If you get time, flee & go to Baltimore, which is just altogether cooler and where I can totally guarantee you a tour guide or six and a place to stay.
posted by mygothlaundry 29 September | 22:15
Can i get in on it? i'd totally be down with a Baltimore trekkin' thing with a reliable crash pad... and i owe GA a visit--
is this all in the wiki, this bunny hopping?
cuz i wanna catch a meet up somewhere within the year from now
posted by ethylene 29 September | 22:25
So you're going to be GONE the day I'm in hotlanta for the jeopardy tryouts! Drat. Dag. It's cool though, even though I'll miss you, I have like no time that day and so, alas . . . another time!
posted by mygothlaundry

Definitely the NEXT time you make it to Atlanta! I'm also going to be gone the week that gaspode is going to be staying at my house while she attends a conference here in town. :( I so hate that. (Partner will be here, so we're not being COMPLETELY inhospitable, but I still hate missing the chance to see her again.)

I do want to see Baltimore, but I bet I won't have time on this trip. Since I'm not going to have a lot of free time, I figure I'll end up dragging the husband back up to DC in the next year or so to check out all the cool stuff I miss this time around. :)

posted by BoringPostcards 29 September | 22:45
Well, somebody let me know when things are planned, pretty please - and BP are you going to be laptop enabled for emails? My play has been extended (good news), meaning Sunday the 15th is the only weekend day I'd have free (bad news). Of course, if I don't have a job. . .

You'll be right by Union Station, which is a good place to figure out the Metro from. It's a good system, but stops running at midnight, or used to, anyway. You can toot over to Dupont Circle on the Red Line and experience some atmosphere. You should also be in walking distance from The Shakespeare Theatre at the Folger Library or whatevertheheck they are calling The Folger these days, you could check that out if you're feeling cultural.
posted by rainbaby 30 September | 13:37
You could come buy some of my stuff at Art on the Avenue on Saturday or Eastern Market on Sunday. $0.69 off if you mention you're a MeFite!

Seriously - Art on the Avenue is a fun event but marginally more difficult to get to by metro. Eastern Market on either day is fun, though Saturday you can get the famous Market Lunch blueberry pancakes.
posted by phearlez 02 October | 15:38
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