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14 September 2006

Las Vegas Attractions (or, What To Do Besides Gamble) [More:]
On the Strip

Gallery of Fine Art
The Tuscany Kitchen

Caesars Palace
Exotic Cars
Fountain shows and aquarium

Circus Circus
World's Largest Permanent Circus

Merlin's Magic Motion Machines

Wildlife Habitat (alas, the penguins moved to Texas)

Imperial Palace
The Auto Collections

Las Vegas Hilton
Star Trek: The Experience

IMAX Theatre
In Search of the Obelisk
King Tut's Tomb
Motion Rides
Pirates 4D

Mandalay Bay
Shark Reef

MGM Grand
CBS Television City Research Center
Lion Habitat

Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat
Tiger Habitat

New York - New York
Manhattan Express

Eiffel Tower

Masquerade Village

Las Vegas Cyber Speedway
Speed - The Ride

Showcase Mall
M&M's World

Big Shot
High Roller
Insanity-The Ride
Stratosphere Tower
X Scream

Treasure Island
Sirens of TI

Las Vegas Historic Museum
Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Guggenheim Hermitage Museum
Las Vegas Preview Studios
Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas
Penske Wynn Ferrari Maserati
The Wynn Collection

Also on the Strip
Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

Off the Strip
Mario Andretti Qualifier
Atomic Testing Museum
Ethel M Chocolate Factory
Fremont Street Experience
Las Vegas Art Museum
Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix
Las Vegas Natural History Museum
Laser Quest
Liberace Museum
Lied Children's Museum
Lost Vegas Gambling Museum
Marjorie Barrick Museum
Neon Museum
Nevada State Museum
Old Mormon Fort
Mario Andretti Pace Car Ride
Mario Andretti Champ Ride
Planetarium and Observatory
Ron Lee's World of Clowns
Sunset Stampede
Zoological - Botanical Park

Outside Vegas
Adventure Canyon ride
Bonnie & Clyde Getaway Car
Bonnie Springs / Old Nevada
Chloride Mining Town
Clark County Museum
Desperado roller coaster
Extraterrestrial Highway (near Area 51)
Frog Hopper
Gondolas at Lake Las Vegas
Hoover Dam
Ice Rink at Lake Las Vegas
MaxFlight 2002 Virtual Roller Coaster
Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings
The Vault
Turbo Drop
posted by mischief 14 September | 21:18
This list is about a year old but still fairly accurate.

(I tried to tack this onto the bottom of the wiki but the task was beyond my meagre html skills. If someone with more knowledge could, feel welcome to do so.)
posted by mischief 14 September | 21:20
posted by mischief 14 September | 21:21
I would never have expected it, but I've enjoyed the museum at the Bellagio each of the three times I've been there.

The last time I went, they had the art collection from a British royal family whose name I forget, but it was incredible. The best part of the exhibit were the portraits of the most recent Duke and Duchess painted by Lucian Freud--quite a change from the conservative portraits of their ancestors.
posted by mullacc 14 September | 22:38
I love the new york new york roller coaster.
posted by gaspode 14 September | 23:34
Oh, bugger. There goes my budget out the window. Thanks mischief.

I am SO going to the Atomic Testing Museum.
posted by Zack_Replica 15 September | 00:27
But where are the firing ranges?
posted by elizard 15 September | 02:06
Also, Ghilda, the elephant at the Mirage, died last year too.
posted by essexjan 15 September | 02:40
I have never gambled at Vegas. No interest. But I like smoking and drinking so there always seems to be something to fill the time.

I have always enjoyed Cirque Du Soleil while there.

And the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay was a nice break, recently. Cool aquarium. They even had educational peeps on hand to explain stuff. Neat sharks. Neat fish. Neat jellyfish chamber. Worth the cost of admission and a nice diversion from stuff.
posted by scarabic 15 September | 02:41
Also the all-you-can-eat sushi bar at Paris was a cool attraction. Sidewalk cafe setting, which is uncommon in Vegas, and it has a nice view of the Bellagio fountains plus lots of foot traffic. Good food, excellent service. Good prices. Nice fountains nearby. A great place to wile some time away.
posted by scarabic 15 September | 02:43
Star Trek: The experience was pretty cool, but I went when I was like, 15 or 16, so YMMV.
posted by muddgirl 15 September | 09:38
Sushi - ugh. The food equivalent of eating minge, imho.
posted by essexjan 15 September | 11:42
*high-fives essexjan*

I must be the only person in Vancouver who hates sushi.
posted by elizard 15 September | 12:00
I'd have to jump a blimmin' long way to high-five you, elizard, I am a short-arse.
posted by essexjan 15 September | 12:06
Hating sushi??? But it's is so light and delicious and GOOD FOR YOU. Lean protein, mmmmmmm. Especially with buckets of soy sauce.

I can't imagine I'll have sushi in Vegas, though; unless it's at one of these GRAND BUFFETS. All you can drink champagne, anyone?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 15 September | 15:49
You're not the only one, elizard. Blech!
posted by deborah 16 September | 12:17
You'll probably get hyped boy || I got mugged tonight.