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09 September 2006

OMG New Art Swap Project! [More:]This one will be easier than the last, in that the work will be smaller. It's... the Great Metafilter/Metachat (and anyone else who wants) Bookmarks Swap!

Someone not me will have to arrange the mailing addresses/swapsets *cough*safetyfork*cough* and the results can be posted to flickr (say, under the tag "mefibookmarkswap") and posted to this blog I've just created. Who wants in?
I'm in - I still miss the mail art swap and was thinking about it since you mentioned it earlier today someplace
posted by jessamyn 09 September | 16:21
I want in!
posted by Fuzzbean 09 September | 16:30
posted by interrobang 09 September | 16:40
I'm in.
posted by amro 09 September | 17:49
For those folks who want in.

This is interrobang's show. His rules (deadlines and such) stand. He's the project's daddy, so to speak. :)

I'll help to compile and email out the swap sets. To get in on the bookmark makin' and sharin' send your meta- (chat | filter) username, as well as the name and address you want to have your swap buddy mail the bookmark to and any special mailing instructions to: mefimailswap AT-SYMBOL gmail DOT com. This includes folks who have already posted "I'm in" comments in thread, thanks!

Example, using false data:

Albert Gray
123 Pluto Way, Apartment G
Crooklyn, NY 11211

After the opt-in deadline has been met, I'll probably take the following weekend to pair people up and send out the set emails. I reserve the right to take less time, or more. I won't do last minute pair-ups or help in posting any images to flickr or the blog. I love a good art by mail idea, but it's a busy season for the fork.

The set master, that's me, is not responsible for your partner's ability to complete their end of the deal in any way (including but not limited to failure to swap, failure to follow special instructions, etc).

Swappers note: Its the World Wide Web extra postage may apply.
posted by safetyfork 09 September | 19:25
What a fabulous coincidence! I've been doing a bookmark project of my own. I'd love to play along with y'all, too!
posted by lilywing13 09 September | 20:59
(Please send in addresses; safetyfork reports receiving only three so far.)
posted by interrobang 10 September | 12:30
I would do this, but I'm way too flaky about mailing stuff, and regular mail between here and the U.S. can be amazingly slow...

Okay... No. I'm adding myself to the list. For once I'm going to overpower my stupid compulsive procrastination on certain things. This is my opportunity to also mail out a bunch of other stuff that's been sitting here, too. I can do it!!! Yes, I can!!! Yay, me!!!
posted by taz 11 September | 04:20
Me too! I've sent me email.
posted by LunaticFringe 11 September | 07:54
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