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09 September 2006

Bunny Nuptuals Update! The date and time have been set: 9:30pm on Saturday, September 23 at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. The King will be in attendance. All the bunnies are invited and urged to attend.[More:]

We'd also love for pinky, stynxno, essexjan and her friend to join us in the limo which picks us up at the Barbary Coast at 9.

Woo-Hoo! Drunkenness and revelry to follow.

Damn. If there was any way I could afford it, I'd be there. Why, it's the social event of the bunny season, for chrissakes! I'll raise a glass in your honour, though.
posted by elizard 09 September | 11:46
This just keeps getting better.

First actually going to Vegas, then being in the same hotel as other bunnies, then a wedding, with Elvis and now a limo!! I've never been in a limo before in my life.
posted by essexjan 09 September | 11:49
I'm not entirely sure, but I think weddings at this chapel can be viewed online
posted by jonmc 09 September | 12:03 You guys are gonna have a blast! I so wish I could be there.
posted by LunaticFringe 09 September | 12:05
I am truly thrilled for you two and I reaally wish I could be there.

This Elvis thing just seems perfect for you two. I'm sure it will be a joyful hoot!
posted by bunnyfire 09 September | 12:25
Online Weddings HERE
posted by warbaby 09 September | 12:41
ya i was gonna say, can we get a webcam or multiconference shit goin? come on it's the information age, let's do this right!
posted by freudianslipper 09 September | 13:05
posted by mygothlaundry 09 September | 13:14
too cool for words!
posted by jason's_planet 09 September | 14:11
Hell yea, we are there! I'll be there anyway, helping Miss Pips get ready for her big day!

Stynx is wondering if this makes him the best man? HA!

posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 September | 15:02
I will be wearing pink (and white) too, TPS, so will not clash with you (these things are important at weddings, I believe).

I think, instead of exchanging rings, jon & Pips should get new piercings and wear bunnypins in the holes.
posted by essexjan 09 September | 15:05
I don't know what I'm wearing to the wedding yet- will have to ask pips what she has in mind. I'd love to wear my pink sequin butterfly top, but it might be too much.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 September | 15:07
A suggestion for your rings:
≡ Click to see image ≡

Although since this is Vegas, that one may be too understated. Consider, instead, this:
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by amro 09 September | 15:31
Of course, bunny pins in your noses would also be fantastic.
posted by amro 09 September | 15:31
Ikkyu2 and I are exceedingly, exceedingly sad that we already have tickets for a 10pm show that night, and humbly request if we may know where to join up with y'all afterwards for the drunken revelry?
posted by occhiblu 09 September | 15:32
I'm wearing a white top with pink sequin trim, and pink pants.

Alternatively, if you do the sequin thing, I will take my lilac sequin top and wear it with lilac pants.
posted by essexjan 09 September | 15:35
Lilac sequin outfit. Too OTT?
posted by essexjan 09 September | 15:39
OMG you should wear the lilac sequins, and I'll wear my pink sequins, and we'll be TOO HOT FOR VEGAS!!!

posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 September | 15:43
Or you could wear pink, too, and we could be, like, MATCHING. lol
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 September | 15:46
The only trouble with the sequin top is it's so damn heavy to carry. I'll decide at the last minute. The pink is definitely coming with me anyway.
posted by essexjan 09 September | 15:49
Haha, I hear ya, fully sequined clothes are quite heavy.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 September | 15:50
Actually, we just bought the rings at a place called (no joke) the Futurama Diamond Center where the clerk told be to bite his shiny metal ass (joke). Then we went to Food Emporium and bought, among other things, feral swine!

(as for pips's clothes, I thought pinky and 'pode were taking her shopping tommorrow, while I sat at home and drank beer).
posted by jonmc 09 September | 18:44
TPS and ej, the sequins sound divine! Perfect for the jonmc/pips wedding. Plus, as you say, it's Vegas. There is no over-the-top there. (We even considered a package where jon would dress up AS ELVIS!).

(Just be glad the ceremony's not at the nude beach! : )
posted by Pips 09 September | 19:43
So sorry to hear you and Ikkyu2 can't make the ceremony, occhiblu, but we totally understand. We're plannin' on celebratin' with everybody afterwards, at the Saturday night meet up, in fact (at the Carnival flair bar, at Harrah's, if memory serves? has that been set?). In any case, I'm sure we'll see ya before, too. When do you guys get in? (We're there from Thursday, 9/21, until Sunday, 9/24.) Email me or jon for cell #s, if ya like, to keep in touch in Vegas and all.

See ya soon!! : )
posted by Pips 09 September | 20:04
I haven't officialy announced the Vegas meetup on Metatalk yet- we originally said 7 p.m. on Saturday, but now with your wedding going on at 9:30 p.m., I don't know if we should still announce the one at 7 since most of us won't be there- would you like me to announce your 9:30 wedding and post-wedding meetup at Harrahs on Metatalk?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 September | 23:28
Holy mother of christ, Zack_Replica and I have reunited to split the costs of attending your nuptials. We will fucking be there, come hell or high water. I will even wear my copper lame dress, and he will wear his best Irish gangster suit.
posted by elizard 10 September | 05:40
Also, um, woo! Vegas! Mit bunnies!
posted by elizard 10 September | 05:55
Yow! I can't believe we pulled it off! All Bow To The Power Of Vodka! And Bunnies!
Looking forward to meeting you all!
posted by Zack_Replica 10 September | 06:33
WAAAH! I'm not going to be there. Bunnypin Conspiracy needs courier to transport Bunnypins to Vegas. Contact me direct.
posted by warbaby 10 September | 08:33
Zack, elizard, that's outstanding news. Really looking forward to meeting you both.
posted by jonmc 10 September | 09:02
Yeah, pink, sorry 'bout the late wedding time. It was all they had with limo pick-up, alas. Meetup afterwards ('round 10pm?) would be great, though. Is the flair bar at Harrahs still good for that time? Sounds like a cool place. Feel free to post it to MetaTalk, if ya like.

(Course, I'll see ya later today, too... gots to find me somethin' shiny to wear! : )
posted by Pips 10 September | 09:55
God, all these shiny clothes! Somebody's gonna take a flash picture and the reflection is gonna be so bright people will think they're testing nukes at Los Alamos again.
posted by jonmc 10 September | 09:57

If I could be there, I would be your flower girl. I'd wear my swan costume and sprinkle orange rose petals in your path.
posted by Orange Swan 10 September | 10:05
God, all these shiny clothes! Somebody's gonna take a flash picture and the reflection is gonna be so bright people will think they're testing nukes at Los Alamos again.

Yeah. That Irish gangster suit is pretty blinding. also, very funny, jonmc.

...and I'm very much looking forward to meeting you both, too. What better place than at your wedding? Only in bunnyland...
posted by elizard 10 September | 12:59
Ok, I'll post a Vegas meetup update on Metatalk tomorrow- wedding at 9:30, party starting around 10 or so.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 September | 13:59
I wish I could be there, this sounds like so much fun!!!!! September's a great time to be married, and many congratulations, Pips and JonMc!!!!
posted by redvixen 10 September | 16:06
Wow, if I wasn't already a week of vacation time in the hole, I'd skivvy off and drive up just for the wedding!! Congratulations again, and I bet the "reception" is going to be too raucous for pictures!
posted by muddgirl 10 September | 16:23
Wow, I missed this...congrats you two crazy kids!
posted by danostuporstar 11 September | 12:07
Me too! Sooooo awesome! Congrats kids! I wish I could be there to throw bunny-shaped confetti!
posted by dabitch 11 September | 14:53
Hooray hooray hips!
To jonmc and pips!
posted by Lynsey 11 September | 23:49
This was going to be a shouting thread ... || OMG Squirrel!