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13 August 2006

Hoppy 23rd anniversary.... ....toooo meeeeeee!

Someone has actually voluntarily stayed happily married to me for 25 years! (and vice versa!)

Here's to hugbunnies!
OOPs. Temporarily posted from a busted spacetime continuum...twenty THREE years.

Admin, please hope me!
posted by bunnyfire 13 August | 17:56
That's remarkable. And though I'm totally in casual dating mode right now, I totally hope to one day find someone who can stand me for that long.

Congratulations, bunnyfire!
posted by mike9322 13 August | 17:56
I just used "totally" totally too many times. Totally. Do I really talk like that?
posted by mike9322 13 August | 17:57
Oh, totally.

BTW hubs is the very first one to call me "bunny." So he started it!
posted by bunnyfire 13 August | 18:00
Yay! Happy anniversary, bunnyfire!
posted by gaspode 13 August | 18:06
A very happy anniversary to both of you!
posted by redvixen 13 August | 19:04
Anniversaries rock! Happy anniversary, bunnyfire- and many more!
posted by BoringPostcards 13 August | 19:21
Yay!!! Always happy to know when something special like this takes place. Restores my faith.
posted by getoffmylawn 13 August | 19:25
well done! enjoy your life together!
posted by psho 13 August | 19:51
That is awesome. From everything I have ever seen about you, you are worth it. Congratulations!
posted by caddis 13 August | 20:03
thank you, my fellow bunnyfellers.

He could never divorce me, you know. He would never be able to find his keys or his glasses. ;-)
posted by bunnyfire 13 August | 21:49
There's a line from a sitcom pilot I saw (but I'm not supposed to say anyting about until it premieres on Sept. 7th) that says "Marriage is having somebody to drive you to the hospital." (And the character who says it has been married between 23 and 24 years.)

Anyway, here's hoping for many more good years for the two of you, and many less times driving to the hospital.
posted by wendell 13 August | 22:17
Hoppy 23rd anniversary.... ....toooo meeeeeee!

Someone has actually voluntarily stayed happily married to me for 25 years! (and vice versa!)

Isn't there some sort of statute of limitations for those secret green card marriages? It's alright, you can talk about it now.
posted by stilicho 13 August | 22:21
Mazel Tov on your silver!
posted by brujita 13 August | 23:55
Congratulations, bunnyfire! We're having our 9th next month, but we've been living together for 17 years, so we're not too far behind you!
posted by taz 14 August | 00:53
Many congratulations. I admire anyone who can stay married.
posted by essexjan 14 August | 01:40
Happy Anniversary, bunnyfire!

Seventh anniversary here last week. We went out for Mexican food (It's something special, there's not exactly a Mexican joint on every corner in Kyoto). Seventh anniversary means the "Seven-Year Itch" is cleared, right? It's the seventh year, not the year that begins from the seventh anniversary, right?

looking for some feedback here.
posted by PlanetKyoto 14 August | 01:57
Lies, damn lies, and statistics, but according to the info on this page (scroll down to the bottom graph), the highest danger is at the four-year mark (after which it declines pretty much every year), not the seventh. This article about sex myths (item #4 on the second page) says the same thing
posted by taz 14 August | 02:31
The whole concept is dangerous in my opinion, taz.
... it looks as if men are cheating twice as much as women ...
Nah, women are just better at not getting caught, I think ;-)

Congratulations, bunnyfire - any relationship that can last that long has stood the test of at least several fires and is a credit to you both.
posted by dg 14 August | 07:12
posted by seanyboy 14 August | 08:39
Is it time to open up the Mecha fantasy league to non-bunnies? || I was gonna watch a film, but